FoldingAtHome Experiences A Massive Boost As PC Gamers Internationally Band Together To Help

FoldingAtHome Experiences A Massive Boost As PC Gamers Internationally Band Together To Help
Credit: Cryptocurrency Reviews via YouTube

PC Gaming is a unique beast in comparison to console players; they both are eager to devour immersive experiences that push the boundaries of what is technologically possible, experiencing worlds that would otherwise be left inside of the imagination.  Yet some PC Gamers can have monstrous rigs that can put third-world countries to shame with their enormous power; hand-selecting various pieces of hardware to maximize performance, combining them like a modern Frankensteinian monster that has impeccable cable management and draws the power that could run a small nuclear reactor.

From massive graphic processing units (GPUs or graphic cards, colloquially) to central processing units (CPUs) that would make AI researchers green with envy, these pieces of hardware work together to bring immersive experiences to life in systems around the world.  Even pre-built computers, once readily scorned by the enthusiast community, has crafted a modicum of offerings that boast decent power at an acceptable price.

Eventually, however, we have to go to sleep.  Other times, we’re simply watching our favorite streamers on Twitch and Mixer while our PC idles.  That’s where the FoldingAtHome initiative shines; an opportunity for those with powerful rigs to help further science by using the power of their hardware to fold proteins in every possible way, helping researchers figure out how to get to the root of problems that continue to pose a threat to humanity.

While FoldingAtHome has, in the past, focused on Cancer research along with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the recent threat of COVID-19 has brought about a renewed frenzy in gamers banding together to help research the proteins of the virus that has the entire planet concerned.

Folding@Home typically hovers around 30,000 users offering their power in the off-time, but the scientific community has announced yesterday on the PC Master Race subreddit that they’ve surged in popularity since the outbreak of the pandemic, and now boasts a solid 400,000 volunteer folders.

It’s impressively easy to join the ranks and bring your shiny hardware a sense of purpose in between boats of Rocket League and the newly released DOOM Eternal.  It’s likely the closest that you can get to directly helping stem the exponential increase of outbreaks by helping scientists around the world understand the virus.  Bear in mind that you may face some idle times as the team behind Folding@Home develop new simulations of COVID-19, but every single piece of hardware helps.

To start helping out (and gain some bragging-rights as your hardware configuration generates points in regards to processing), simply visit and prove to everyone that we’re doing more than sitting behind our keyboard and playing games.  We’re also idly folding in the background.