Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Feature A Reversible Cover Design According To Officials At Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Feature A Reversible Cover Design According To Officials At Square Enix
Credit: Square Enix

A few months ago, this site brought you a first look at the Final Fantasy VII Remake cover art. It was a fantastic recreation of the original Final Fantasy VII cover, updated to appeal to a modern audience.

We all marveled at Cloud standing at the base of the looming Shinra Building, reaching back to grasp the handle of his iconic Buster Sword with twin Materia slots glowing the pale green of attack magic on the surface of the blade.

We all assumed that was the last we were going to hear about this new take on a classic cover. However, developer Square Enix recently revealed, via the game’s official Twitter account, that Final Fantasy VII Remake will have a slick reversible cover in both North America and Europe.

One side is the cover we’ve come to expect, recreating that of the original 1997 PlayStation One release. The other side, however, matches the minimalist approach being released in Japan. The new cover is all black with the game’s logo right-adjusted in the center of the box.

This is great news for both fans of the original game who want that sense of nostalgia when they pick the game up for the first time and fans who want something new.

When the original cover art was revealed, it seemed appropriate, since the majority of this game (perhaps the entirety of it) will take place within the city of Midgar. It appears to deal with the ongoing struggle between the rebel group known as AVALANCHE and the evil Shinra corporation that is sucking the life out of the planet for financial gain.

The new art also has some symbolic meaning in its simplicity. It is an unknown, filled with infinite possibilities, which is something that a lot of people have said about this game. The Final Fantasy VII logo gives us just enough of a sense of familiarity while promising us something new and exciting.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is uncharted ground for Square Enix. In the history of the Final Fantasy franchise, which dates back to the original Nintendo Entertainment System, it has never fully remade a game from scratch. All of the games have been re-released from time to time. Some of them even featured improved graphics or alternate cut scenes. However, at the core of the experience, it was still the same game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake represents a new journey for iconic characters. The game releases worldwide on March 3, 2020 for the PlayStation 4 console.