FIFA Devs Discuss Team Of The Season So Far In Recent Promo

FIFA Devs Discuss Team Of The Season So Far In Recent Promo
Credit: EA Sports FIFA via YouTube

EA Sports’ FIFA has been one of the most dominant sports titles since its inception, and it continues to grow with every year. One of the best features of the game is the way that it can be impacted by the actual seasons of football – or soccer, depending on where you’re from – with the players within being altered based on how they’re performing in reality.

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it so that there isn’t anyone performing in a real league at the moment, for the most part. With all of the major leagues currently on hold because of the pandemic, EA hasn’t been able to do many of the events that they usually do for FIFA, leading to difficulties for the developers.

But difficulty doesn’t mean they’re being stopped. EA recently announced their “Team of the Season So Far” event coming up, which will help to decide who should be on the Team of the Season. As the name suggests, the Team of the Season is usually made up of players that are considered to have been the best in any given season, which can be difficult to name given the cancelations.

“This year’s Community Team of the Season So Far will be decided by you, the fans, on FIFA community sites FUTWIZ and FUTHEAD,” EA writes on their announcement. “You’ll be able to vote from a shortlist featuring the top performances around the world of football that have received a maximum of one performance-based special item in FUT 20.”

Players will be able to select 23 players from the shortlist provided, with a maximum of 5 players from the same league. The picks will be made up of at least 2 Goalkeepers, at least 6 Defenders, at least 6 Midfielders, and at least 3 Forwards in your side to make sure that you’re creating an actual team instead of an unstoppable fleet of Goalkeepers. The 23 highest-vote recipients will be released during the course of Community Team of the Season So Far.

It’s a decent workaround to help decide who should be on the Team of the Season when there aren’t any real-world statistics for EA to go off of. The community also will always enjoy a chance to make their voices heard and help create what they feel should be the team that has shown the best performances of the season, especially given such a tumultuous season. If you have someone that you want to vote for, head over to EA’s voting outlets and make your voice heard!