Riot Games Offers Up Cash Dollars To Anyone Who Can Find Vulnerabilities In Valorant’s Anti-Cheat System

Riot Games Offers Up Cash Dollars To Anyone Who Can Find Vulnerabilities In Valorant’s Anti-Cheat System
Credit: Blame The Controller - Overwatch via YouTube

As we had reported only recently, the folks over at Riot Games, who are the developers behind the latest first-person shooter to achieve popularity in recent memory, also known as Valorant, had released an anti-cheat system that was always on. No matter what you do with it, you end up having it run in the background of your computer as soon as you boot it up. This bad boy just runs and runs and runs, and you have to deal with it and you hate it and all of that crazy stuff that ends up going on. So it sort of sucks like that.

But this week, the development team came on out and told everyone what was up. And what was that? They said they would give tons of real cash to anybody who had the ability to hack into the game and start doing some cheating and all of that crazy old stuff going on in the world and all of the rest of that stuff. So the big question here is whether or not it is actually possible or not, and if it is possible, then what will happen to the next thing that anyone can do with or whatnot.

Keep on reading below if this sounds interesting to you, and to be fair, it totally should sound interesting to you because we are now talking about a lot of big old cash just floating around. If you like cash, then you know about it.

And that’s right. The folks behind the game known only as Valorant will be giving out $100,000 to anyone who can crack their always-on anti-cheater system. That is a whole lot of dollar bills if you think about it. Is it enough to pass up on? Probably not if you are hoping to become rich and all of that stuff.

So what is next? Well, here’s the deal about all of that crazy old stuff: Why don’t these people just get out there and try to fix the insanity of even having an always-on anti-cheat system in the first place? Nobody wants to deal with that stuff. So why have it?

Well, here’s the deal anyway. If you happen to love what they call first-person shooters, then maybe you shouldn’t try to skip out on what is surely going to be the great first-person shooter of all time. Okay? Good luck, then. Hope you enjoy the game.