Feemodev’s A Street Cat’s Tale Announced For Nintendo Switch

Feemodev’s A Street Cat’s Tale Announced For Nintendo Switch
Credit: A Street Cat's Tale via Steam

Developer Feemodev has announced that their stray cat story A Street Cat’s Tale is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game was previously released on PC and mobile devices.

In A Street Cat’s Tale, players take control of a stray kitten as it tries to stay alive in the tough world. Players will guide the cat to make the right choices to ensure it stays alive.

“Tale of a street cat’ is a story of a baby kitten left alone at the town. It’s an adventure game played at the cat’s view. You will become a baby kitten to survive with 13 days to become an adult cat.” states the official Steam store description.

Players will take control of a hungry little kitten as it searches for food on the streets. There are plenty of trash cans to rummage through, and a few people to beg. While the kitten is only a baby, different people will have a range of reactions when meeting it. The kitten has to do its best in order to survive and not starve. Unfortunately, it’s much harder finding food than it sounds. Reviewers commented that not all food is made equal. Some food will replenish the cat’s health, while others may cause it to become sick.

There are many NPCs to meet in the world. Some will become angry upon seeing the stray cat, while others will immediately warm up to it. NPCs will either give the cat food or tell it stories once their bonds have increased.

Getting close to the NPCs is important. There are 11 different endings depending on which person the cat chooses to get close to.

A Street Cat’s Tale has been available on PC and mobile for several months and is now ready to make its way to the Nintendo Switch.

Along with the announcement was a new trailer showcasing some of the gameplay, cue 2D pixel artwork, and various NPCs the cat will meet along the way.

Feemodev has not announced if there will be any additional content to the Nintendo Switch version. The game may just be a port of the existing versions available now on PC and mobile devices.

The game will only be available as a digital download. Multiple languages will be available upon launch, such as English, Korean, and Chinese.

A Street Cat’s Tale launches on the Nintendo Switch eShop worldwide on March 12, 2020. Preorders are available now.