Fans Continue To Make Interesting Modifications For Bethesda Game, Newest Skyrim Mod Lets Players Enjoy Waltz

Fans Continue To Make Interesting Modifications For Bethesda Game, Newest Skyrim Mod Lets Players Enjoy Waltz
Credit: Hoamaii via YouTube

The newest Skyrim mod is allowing fans to flex their dancing skills. However, this modification comes with several limitations.

Hoamaii created “Dovah-Waltz” to allow the Dovahkiin to enjoy some light moments. The character can dance around and show off some graceful movements. This could be an exciting addition since it provides the chance to have a break from the usual action.

The creator, who admitted that the mod is his first-ever animation, shared an interesting plot. The backstory is simple, yet it has some logic as to why a moment to do the waltz is necessary.

Based on it, Dovahkiin has many followers, women who have been asking for an occasion to use their gorgeous dresses.

In the latest Skyrim mod, women are seen in their colorful and fashionable long dresses. Therefore, wearing those during fights and in the mud alone could be too much.

One of these female followers is Lydia, who decided to share with Hoamii’s Dovahkiin the art of dancing. Specifically, she showed him how to dance the waltz. A few steps here and a few more graceful walk there.

What makes this modification exciting is the inability of the character to follow the movements. Dovahkiin’s joints are complaining. They are not comfortable in executing the required movements. In short, the Skyrim mod has the tendency to make dancing a little challenging for the players.

Amid the excitement of fans to try it, they have to know first the limitations of the mod. According to its creator, “Dovah-Waltz” will not work in the first-person mode since it was done in the third-person animation.

Another limitation is the possibility of experiencing glitches and conflicts. Modifications that allow changes in the FOV, camera, settings, and perspectives may compromise the animations’ quality.

In the meantime, Hoamaii noted that the game was built in 3DS. Thus, every bone of Dovahkiinand Lydia and the frames they are in are assembled in the said platform. As such, the Skyrim mod results in the unaligned height of the two characters.

Meanwhile, if other gamers would ask him to add more content to it, Hoamaii gave a resounding “no” for an answer. Accordingly, it would never be an easy task to take. He instead made a sarcastic remark, saying that those who would ask for it should do it by themselves.

Keep posted for more Skyrim mod news and updates! More are on their way, for sure.