Evil Genius 2 Shows Some New Gameplay For The Classic Sequel In Recently Released Video

Evil Genius 2 Shows Some New Gameplay For The Classic Sequel In Recently Released Video
Credit: Rebellion via YouTube

We’re getting far closer than we realize, evil masterminds.

Pet the kitty nonchalantly, work on your maniacal laughter, and develop a few chips on the shoulder as we all prepare for the sequel to the classic base-building evil-doer title Evil Genius from 2004.

Now, brilliantly called Evil Genius 2, has been confirmed as a canonical sequel to the original with multiple characters coming back with their flair of being bad; this doesn’t mean that you’ll need to play through Evil Genius in order to understand what’s going on, but it may place a nice feather in your cap to understand the background and prior title if you can grit your teeth through the more outdated functions of the title.

They also unveil a late-game mechanic via doomsday devices that players can launch at any place they desire in the world, rather than just shooting the one device as was able within Evil Genius as the finale.

What’s an evil mastermind without doomsday devices, right?

Now, take a deep breath: Evil Genius 2 still has the vague release date of 2021, and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon at least until we climb a bit closer to when Rebellion Developments is ready to reveal and commit to a specific time.

The embedded video does hold a disclaimer that everything seen within it is considered to be Alpha, and as such could be changed with little to no warning beforehand. If it makes you feel any better, we’re currently expecting a release in the ‘first half’ of 2021.

Now once you start peeling away the satirical shtick of being an evil mastermind, from what we’ve seen already in the gameplay trailers there’s quite a bit of depth without forcing players to micromanage every entity with two legs.

Building and designing an efficient lair, with the necessary creature comforts along with productivity, will likely be old hat to Rimworld players, or Oxygen Not Included, tasking players with building out a lair that is convenient yet productive.

Evil henchmen will do your inexhaustible bidding to help build the facility, gauged primarily by a loyalty feature that shows how keen they are to help you with your plans.

The front of the evil sanctuary similarly appears to offer depth, building a robust casino that should offer renewable income to help pay for the more dastardly machinations in the back; offering a luxurious resort to continue to entice the rich and famous should offer a complexly layered monetization strategy where your income and expenses are separate yet intertwined.

We’ll know more as we’re getting closer to the release date. In the meantime, get your best white suit pressed and shave your head; we’re taking over the world.