‘Oxygen Not Included’ Leaves Early Access And Drops Free Content, Weekend Steam Sale For 33% Off

‘Oxygen Not Included’ Leaves Early Access And Drops Free Content, Weekend Steam Sale For 33% Off
Credit: Klei Entertainment via YouTube

Sometimes, indie games are unique enough to generate a strong community around it, and everything goes well enough for the developer to push a finished product in the end.  One such title that has experienced that success is Klei Entertainment, with their massive hit Oxygen Not Included.

In this title, players are tasked with building a subterranean base for their pawns to happily live in, while progressing tech to ensure the pawns (called Duplicants in the game) stay happy.  As players struggle to match the basic hierarchy of needs that Maslow conjured, they also need to fight the various elements found in the rock.  Ensuring Duplicants have oxygen, latrines, cleanliness, power, running water, food, materials, ores, ingredients, furniture, and recreation turns into a full-fledged battle of iron will and hapless humor.

Oxygen Not Included has finally come out of Early Acces on the Steam platform, and the developers Klei Entertainment have shown that they aren’t stopping there.  They’ve recently added, free of charge, a new content pack titled Meep’s Mandatory Recreation Pack, adding the ability to spoil your Duplicants with sauna’s, hot tubs, beach chairs, soda fountains, and more.

So if you’ve been struggling to add some recreational variety so your Duplicants stop crying, this should interest you greatly.

On top of adding recreational variety, they’ve also included new ‘overjoyed’ animations for your Duplicants, added new research categories, and an absurd amount of bug fixes from game logic to UI.  They also continue to work on optimization in ongoing patches, and have stated that more free content is to come.

On top of all of this, Steam is offering the title for 2/3rds of the price, making Oxygen Not Included USD 16.74 for this weekend only.  It’s feasible that this price will drop lower in the upcoming Steam sales for both Autumn and Christmas, but this is a rare gem; you can’t go wrong picking it up now.

Oxygen Not Included is the newest hit from Klei Entertainment, who is on an absolute streak right now with successful releases with bizarre plots and mechanics.  Their release of Don’t Starve won them numerous accolades and featured players in a misshapen world attempting to keep the night at bay while staving off starvation.

Oxygen Not Included continues the unique developer paradigm, with Duplicants wetting themselves and then walking through their own puddles of urine, in a somehow endearing manner.  Prepare yourself to manage oxygen levels, wastewater, and happiness, and somehow enjoy yourself doing so.