Endgame Boss Will Emerge As Your Ultimate Challenge In A Total War Saga: Troy

Endgame Boss Will Emerge As Your Ultimate Challenge In A Total War Saga: Troy
Credit: Total War via YouTube

Those who played  A Total War are familiar with the ultimate challenge to surmount toward the end of the game. This twist is something you never encountered before and will test your skills and will to solve it.

In A Total War Saga: Troy, the designers raised the stakes a bit. According to Todor Nikolov, the game designer, the AI will find a worthy opponent to become the endgame boss. The pick of the endgame boss will depend on how you are playing the game.

For instance, following the typical flow, such as from going from Greece to Troy, the AI will pick a boss. If you break the pattern, like when you build another faction by betraying allies, another boss is picked.

This will make A Total War Saga: Troy completely replayable. There are multiple ways on how it ends depending on your choices. On their end, Nikolov said it was a challenge for them to build an AI to pick a worthy opponent.

Meanwhile, you have to be careful about your choices in the game. Nikolov said the faction your endgame boss builds will be buffed. Also, its actions and strategies will be unpredictable because it responds to your own actions. It will make plans according to your previous decisions in-game.

The Total War series from Creative Assembly has spawned several titles, which bring you throughout history. Starting with the Shogun: Total War in June 2000, the latest title in the saga is Total War: Three Kingdoms released on May 23, 2019. Overall, the series has already shipped 20 million units.

The A Total War Saga: Troy is based on the Iliad by Homer. Although the historical basis of the Trojan War is not clear, the game nevertheless puts you right smack in it. Creative Assembly said the Bronze Age is the furthest they’ve traveled back in time for the Total War series.

The game will take you to Mount Olympus to the Greek island of Lemnos in the Aegean Sea. You can choose to follow Homer’s version or create your own path. The Greek Gods will play a crucial role in the gameplay. As a player, you need to earn the favor of Zeus and other Gods as what Homer depicted in his opus.

Nikolov said achieving the right balance of making the endgame boss a challenge and not a frustration. People might end up abandoning the game if the challenge proves insurmountable.

A Total War Saga: Troy will come to your PC in 2020.