Action RPG Yaga Is Available For Preorder, Release Set For November

Action RPG Yaga Is Available For Preorder, Release Set For November
Credit: Breadcrumbs Interactive via YouTube

We’ve seen a lot of games rooted in mythology and folklore, but they usually revolve around the same general inspirations; Greek, Egyptian, and Norse. Yaga, a new action-RPG from developer Breadcrumbs Interactive, takes a different approach, with a story and world that is based on Slavic tales of old.

In Yaga, you play as Ivan the one-handed Blacksmith, who just so happens to be an incredibly unlucky person. Not only does is he forced to tackle seemingly impossible quests given to him by the Tzar. As if that’s not bad enough, the witch known as the Baba Yaga has taken in interest in him for her own mysterious reasons.

Throughout your adventure, you’ll face a variety of monsters based on classic Slavic legends and mythology. In order to fight them, you’ll take advantage of a deep crafting system to build and upgrade weapons. You are a blacksmith, after all. The weapons you’ll be creating are incredibly unique, and you’ll wield everything from hammers imbued with the power of lightning to “hookshot pitchforks.”

Of course, not only are weapons important, but skills and perks can also make a big difference in the way you tackle missions. By befriending townsfolk and spirits, you’ll build a reputation across the land, which can have very important consequences. Based on how characters feel about you, they may provide access to new blessings, which can help you on your journey, or possibly even curse you, which can make your adventure even more challenging. These afflictions will drastically change the way that your character plays, making every playthrough an entirely unique experience.

One of the main focuses of Yaga, however, is player choice. As you progress through the game, you’ll reach various “crossroads” between levels, and the path you take will determine the way levels are generated and the difficulty of the encounters you’ll face.

Missions also have multiple outcomes depending on how you handle their objectives. Maybe you’ll decide to save a horrible creature you were sent to kill, or perhaps you’ll make an enemy in town by interfering in a couple’s quarrel. Everything you do can change the course of the story, and the game features multiple endings, allowing for a lot of replay value.

Yaga is now up for preorder through multiple retailers. The game is currently set for release sometime in November, and will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC through the Epic Games Store.