Xbox Live Gold Members Will Be Able To Pick Up Friday The 13th: The Game For Free In October

Xbox Live Gold Members Will Be Able To Pick Up Friday The 13th: The Game For Free In October
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

The month of October is almost upon us. You can finally start carving pumpkins and putting up decor without being judged by your neighbors. October is also an amazing time for gamers, especially in regards to survival-horror games.

Xbox is celebrating the month of October by giving their Gold members access to Friday the 13th: The Game for free. It will be available for download starting October 16th. That’s certainly news worth celebrating if you haven’t been able to pick up the thrilling game on the system just yet.

It’s quite amazing to see how much this game has grown since its original Kickstarter campaign. The concept of fighting against Jason Voorhees has always been an amazing premise for a video game, and thankfully, the developers at Illfonic were brave enough to approach the subject matter with competency.

If you enjoy online multiplayers, then this survival-horror game is right up your alley. It pits seven camp counselors against the unstoppable force that is Jason Voorhees. They’ve come onto his grounds uninvited, which as you know is pretty much a death sentence if you’ve seen any of the classic horror movies.

The counselors have several ways they can win the match. Either they can wait it out by hiding as the clock winds down or they can access vehicles and leave the stage at the nearest exist. Escaping is not an easy feat, though. Jason Voorhees has the ability to teleport to locations within a certain vicinity. He also can initiate a killing sequence once close enough to players.

Counselors have to utilize a lot of strategy and steer clear of Jason for as long as they can. The maps that you get to play on are spot-on to areas that have been featured in the movies. There are plenty of hiding places in the cabin, as well as assistive devices that can help win the game.

Being a counselor is a thrilling experience and gives you the victim perspective that has been portrayed so beautifully in the movies. Playing as Jason — though — is a completely different experience in all of the best ways. You feel completely unstoppable as Jason. Additionally, there are many versions of Jason you can play as. Each one has distinct attributes and strengths.

Xbox really is hitting their Games with Gold titles out of the park. If you don’t already have a subscription, October is the perfect month to join.