Dr Disrespect Calmly Uninstalls PUBG On Stream After Getting Killed By A Hacker

Dr Disrespect Calmly Uninstalls PUBG On Stream After Getting Killed By A Hacker
Credit: Champions Club

Dr Disrespect uninstalling a game is nothing new for 2019. His latest victim is one he is very known for, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. On his holiday stream, Disrespect is dressed for the occasion only to find himself getting killed by a player who is hacking.

The Doc is wearing his signature polarized sunglasses along with Santa Claus hat for his fans to celebrate Christmas on his stream. During his match on PUBG, the US-based streamer has been rotating and repositioning during the crucial part of his game. In a snap of a finger, he finds himself getting eliminated out of nowhere. When he reviews the clip, the US-based streamer watches another player sneak behind him. The other player’s scoped in aim seems to snap right to the Two-Time.

And that’s when he took a sour turn for the game. “I just spent 15 f**king minutes in your sh*thole game to die to a hacker,” the Doc said rather calmly. “I spent 20-25 minutes setting up myself for success, rotating in, trying to pick people off coming into the zone, for them to throw a technical foul and lie to me,” he added while reporting the cheating player.

In a real Dr Disrecpect way, he goes on his way and uninstalls the game while ranting to its developers. As he gets louder and angrier, Doc adds “absolute, stubborn clueless developers” of PUBG. Published and developed by PUBG Corporation, the streamer also adds “these Blueball developers over in South Korea, they’ve got no f**king idea, no clue how much time I put in that game.”

He confirms, “I will never play Battlegrounds again.”

Complaining about the game not fixing the hacking issue which is rather prevalent in PUBG, the Two-Time adds, “And they put stupid sh*t all over and don’t correct the game or fix it. That’s why no one’s playing it anymore.” He also took a jab at the Pro League shutting down. “That’s why you’re not profiting anymore – because you’re not listening.”

None of this final, though. As fans of the 37-year old streamer know, Dr Disrespect is notorious for trying an uninstalled game again. As he has done many times, Doc has re-installed a game and give it a go over and over again.

Dr Disrespect’s stream has 1.7 million viewer hours and averages more or less 16,000 viewers per schedule. Recently, he has been playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Fortnite for his viewers. Over his streaming career, he has garnered over 3.7 million followers. He has just won Esports Industry Awards’ Streamer of the Year for 2019, adding to his 2017’s award as well.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a battle royale-style, multiplayer FPS game released back in December 2017. Players can currently experience the game on PC, Xbox, PS4, Android, and iOS. Back in its release year, it has won the Best Multiplayer Game and even the Golden Joystick Awards’ PC Game of the Year. PUBG has sold over 30 million copies worldwide, $900 million in revenue, and is the top-selling premium game back in 2017.

Let’s see if 2020 will bring any change to Dr Disrespect’s persona.