Doom Eternal Players Can Now Get A Breather With The New In-Game Feature, The Doomguy’s Hub Area

Doom Eternal Players Can Now Get A Breather With The New In-Game Feature, The Doomguy’s Hub Area
Credit: Bethesda

First-person shooter, Doom Eternal, is an upcoming game from Bethesda Softwork and id Software. Though the game is expected for release on November, the game slowly taking shape in the minds of Doom Series game fanatics. Similar to the shooter series of the publisher, Wolfenstein, Doom Eternal will also have an in-between mission hub, where players can take a break from their frantic shooting and tearing missions.

This central hub will not only act as a momentary resting place but also it will allow players to stock up on their weapons and check their characters. This new in-game feature will not change anything raw about the game and players can still expect to have their daring missions of shooting, and tearing enemies down to a bloody gore.

The addition of a central hub area was announced during Bethesda’s QuakeCon Panel held in Dallas, Texas last July 27. The reveal was announced by Creative Director Hugo Stratton, saying that player characters will have a hub area for relaxation. The gameplay might be similar to the other games in the Doom franchise. But there are speculations that Bethesda is making a buzz because of the game’s lack of casting characters or perhaps the addition of a good plot.

Nonetheless, what’s clear about Doom Eternal is it will have the same central hub like that of the Wolferstein’s, and players can lounge around for a rest.

One of the feature games during the QuakeCon event, attendees got a feel of what the game is about from the game’s showing. The addition of the hub was only revealed during the question and answer session where Executive Producer Marty Stratton spilled the beans.

The QuakeCon Event not only dug deep into the addition of new features for the yet-to-be-released game. There were also light moments like the question of where Doom Marine got all of his muscles. This questions popped up when Creative Director Hugo Martin was attempting to give everyone a description about the Slayer’s bodybuilding regimen. Marty Stratton leaned over and jokingly whispered that they should “talk about the hub? Maybe?” with everyone giggling.

The Doom Eternal sitdown happened just in time for the Doom Series 25th Anniversary. It also coincides with many events happening around the FPS video game including the re-release of the original trilogy and talks about re-releasing Doom 64 since its launch in 1997.