Bethesda Announces New And Expansive Battle Royale Map, A Nuclear Winter, And Several Other Features For Fallout 76

Bethesda Announces New And Expansive Battle Royale Map, A Nuclear Winter, And Several Other Features For Fallout 76
Credit: Fallout 76 - Bethesda

Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic game Fallout 76 was the highlight during the QuakeCon Panel last Saturday, July 27. This is because of the game developer’s plan to expand the game even more with a battle royale mode, they dubbed as Nuclear Winter and currently in Beta version. The game will also be launching better private servers to host the new co-op feature of the Fallout 76.

Development Director, Chris Mayer, was in attendance during the Dallas, Texas event explaining what’s in store for the game. One thing he stressed is the addition of a raid area which he describes as both expansive and challenging. He also mentioned, “worthwhile rewards,” which might possibly come in the form of the legendary weapons, traditional gears, and rare wardrobes.

The Vaults are also designed differently, acting more like a co-op experience shared between four players. The game can also be played single-handedly, but it takes much more to survive the post-apocalyptic environment running with different creatures.

There is also the second vault in the works, and the Bethesda panel was not really clear when it will arrive.

One thing’s very specific about the Bethesda panel’s explanation is that the Nuclear Winter co-op event will be happening around Morgantown. The area, as mentioned, offers something different from the Flatwoods location because of the urban setting and the vertically the place offers. Morgantown is the highest spot on the Appalachia map with significant areas that include a nuclear power plant, Morgantown airport, and the Vault-Tec University. The location, as the panel described, is littered with new monsters like the Grafton Monster and local cryptids, making storm survival much more challenging and futile.

Along with those happening for the Nuclear Winter game feature, Fallout 76 will also include the Adventure Mode and the addition of Vault Raids. Bethesda’s dev team is already in the process of finalizing the expansive, Vault 94, the first challenge to appear in the game.

Along with highlighting the changes, gamers should expect from Fallout 76, and the panels also announced the upcoming update to the Wastelanders quest. There are additional features like the long-awaited NPC vault raiders and the return of classic weapons from several Fallout Games.

Fallout 76 will also be securing private servers to improve the game’s reliability. The developers promised to have them up sooner than expected but did not mention a specific date.