Sony Confirms Ten Games To Be Released This Week In The US On PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, And PlayStation

Sony Confirms Ten Games To Be Released This Week In The US On PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, And PlayStation
Credit: Pastapadre

PlayStation fans have a reason to smile as Sony announced games that will be released on its console this week. A total of ten games will be released including EA Sports Madden NFL 20, among the biggest titles set for release this year. If you are geared up for some action here are the top five games that will be coming this week.

30 July

This will be quite a busy day that will see the coming of PES 2020 demo. In addition, four games will be released and these include The Blackout Club (Question), Forager (HopFrog and Humble Bundle), New Star Manager (New Star Games and Five Aces Publishing Limited), Solo: Islands of the Heart (Merge Games and Team Gotham) and Super Wiloo Demake (Ratalaika Games).

31 July

On 31st July, two more titles will be released. The first will be Bear With Me: The Lost Robots developed and published by Exordium Games and Modus Games. Also, adventure / room escape game The Tower of Beatrice developed and published by Fairy Forest will be released officially.

1 August

Labyrinth Life will be the only game that will be released on the first day of August, jokingly dubbed ”boobs day,” as the date is pronounced in Japanese. Yosuke Uchida, the producer,  confirmed to DualShockers that they had plans to launch Labyrinth Life in Europe and US and that finally came to pass.

2 August

It will be a feel Friday on 1st as North America’s most loved sports, NFL, releases the American Football simulator game, Madden NFL 20 (EA Sports) which features an all-new career campaign centered around you. Action-adventure game, The Church in the Darkness (Paranoid Productions and Richard Rouse III) will also be released on this day.

From the new releases, it is clear that Sony is focusing majorly on digital sales. All the upcoming games will be available in digital format. Interestingly, Super Wiloo Demake will also be available as a cross buy meaning you will also get the PlayStation®3 digital version of the title.

Recently, SuperData released its report on the state of the gaming industry where digital gaming revenue increased by 2%. While mobile gaming overtook PC and Xbox, maybe its time Sony Interactive Entertainment will reclaim the consoles authority in the market.

But mobile gaming remains a strong opponent now that popular titles like Fortnite and PUBG are on mobile platforms (iOS and Android). SuperData also noted that mobile gaming increased by 7%.