Diablo 3 Announces Season Of The Triune To Begin August 23rd

Diablo 3 Announces Season Of The Triune To Begin August 23rd
Credit: eventzz via YouTube

Blizzard recently announced that they’d be releasing a steady stream of new content for Diablo 3. New updates with great amounts of content, from new legendary items to class sets, are being added to the game despite it already being almost eight years old.

A recent addition was themed seasons, and the newest has been announced with the Season of the Triune. The season will begin on August 23rd and lasting roughly three months. Blizzard no longer provides concrete ends for seasons and instead gives notice two weeks before it will end.

The season’s theme this time will be the Season of the Triune, taking its name from the Power of the Triune buff that all players will have throughout the season. This buff will apply to every character, from the first level to the highest paragon.

The Power of the Triune buff summons circles around the battlefield that randomly provide three different effects. The first, Triune of Love, gives players in the circle a 100% damage bonus. The second, Triune of Determination, reduces the resources needed to cast abilities by 50%. The final, Triune of Creation, provides a generous amount of cooldown reduction.

Providing a permanent Triune buff to players opens up new gear and ability options that were previously unusable, as many classes are forced into using specific combinations to maximize effectiveness. Letting players have these buffs as passives can radically change up what armor sets and ability combinations become popular, or even viable.

That’s just the season theme. There’s plenty more coming in the season 18 update for players to look forward to. As with previous seasons, each class is granted an armor set for finishing their seasonal journey, a set of challenges set forth.

There will also be a new legendary gem, Legacy of Dreams. The gem will give you a bonus for having no set bonuses equipped, allowing players to have a viable build focused on individual legendary items rather than forcing them into an armor set.

There are also changes coming to the crafted set items. Captain Crimson’s Trimmings, Aughild’s Authority, and Cain’s Destiny are all being tweaked a bit in ways that make them more viable. This will help make the sets, which were previously ineffective for end-game, have a use again.

There’s plenty more coming in season 18. Blizzard is making good on their promise of adding content, making a game rapidly approaching a decade old consistently relevant and new.