Details About Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Wild Area Have Been Revealed, Fans Are Learning Much More About The Game To Come

Details About Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Wild Area Have Been Revealed, Fans Are Learning Much More About The Game To Come
Credit: Nintendo via Youtube

Details have continued to be released for the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield title. Fans are quickly starting to accept that although the national dex will not be a thing, the game itself will still be a unique chapter in the series. There have been several discussions and fan theories about the “Wild Zone” found in Galar, but no official information has been released.

The middle section of Galar is known as the “Wild Zone” and serves as one of the main places players can catch wild Pokemon. The game is still keeping the wandering Pokemon feature found in the Let’s Go titles while maintaining a level of standards expected in a Pokemon game.

Slowly all the details are coming together in what some fans are already calling the most anticipated Pokemon game so far. As is normal with Nintendo and Game Freak, they are being rather sneaky with their marketing tactics. Slight pans of a village quickly turn into a glimpse at a new generation of Pokemon, causing the fan base to go wild.

CoroCoro Magazine is the source of the most recent excitement with a Pokemon guidebook advertisement. The poster found in the ad has the most revealing bits of information of Galar so far with a full map of the area that fans will soon be exploring.

This map gives only a glimpse of the size of the world. From early looks, it seems that an open world feel will be experienced in this game. This is added with the information that the full download size of Pokemon Sword and Shield will be 10.3 GB.

The massive file size for this game will firmly take the title of the biggest Pokemon game to date. It is already more than two times the size of the Let’s Go titles and is expected to have tons more content.

With so much information leaking and much more unknown, fans are left putting together small pieces of a massive puzzle. New Pokemon, Galarian forms of old Pokemon, Wild Area, and a whole new world to explore is a massive addition to the game’s reputation.

Even without the national Pokedex, the regional dex is looking like a massive item, as well. The game will be released for Nintendo Switch on November 15, and as fans get closer to that date, they are only getting more excited. It is time for a new world of Pokemon born for a new generation of players and fans.