Dragonfable Updating The Game To Continue Its 14 Year Long Storyline

Dragonfable Updating The Game To Continue Its 14 Year Long Storyline
Credit: Artix Entertainment

Dragonfable, a flash game created by Artix Entertainment, will be celebrating 14 years of existence on December 1, 2019. And it is still going strong despite the looming end of support of Flash in 2020. As of October 11, 2019, the Artix Entertainment team has released the next stage of its story with Book 3– The End Of Magic: The Golden Hand.

Artix Entertainment, named after the online handle of their founder Adam Bohan, is a company that began in 2002 creating flash games with their flagship series, AdventureQuest. AdventureQuest spawned multiple games after that, including Mechquest, AdventureQuest Worlds, an assortment of minigames as well as Dragonfable. Artix Entertainment is also known for mobile games such as Battle Gems(AdventureQuest), Dungeonborn Card Game, BioBeasts: Mutate and Destroy and AdventureQuest Dragons.

Dragonfable has you take on the role of an adventurer, who starts off as a Warrior, Rogue or Mage. From there, once you’ve found the Dragon Egg, you become a DragonLord, a character who has bonded with a dragon, which grants both you and the dragon extra power to take on your enemies. And if you bought a Dragon Amulet, which is a one time subscription fee, you get access to extra abilities in the classes you can pick up later, making you all the more powerful.

The Golden Hand update stems from three seasons so far; the Dragon Egg Prologue, the Orb Saga, the Elemental Dissonance saga and the current ongoing one, The End Of Magic. Each saga has lasted several years, with seasonal events in between, and each has led into the next saga. Thanks to the events of the Elemental Dissonance saga, an NPC from that storyline has decided to end the age of magic by wiping out all magical creatures. And as the hero of the Orb and Elemental Dissonance sagas, the includes you.

The End of Magic saga started off around the end of 2012, and has the player waking up after being frozen for five years due to the events of the Elemental Dissonance saga. From there, the player will reconnect with old friends and join a resistance to stop the Rose, the organization dedicated to ending magic.

Along with some bug fixes, The Golden Hand has you finishing up in Amityvale, a location in Dragonfable, and heading off to see Kara, leader of ally organization the Vind, in Sulen’Eska. Thanks to some magical rifts appearing across Lore, the world of Dragonfable, the Vind and the Rose will need to call a truce in order to stop the spread of them.

The Golden Hand also sees the release of the October Dragon Coin exclusive weapon, the Scythe of the Unhallowed. This is a powerful weapon of elemental darkness, and can be bought with Dragon Coins, an in-game currency bought with real money.

Dragonfable is continuing strong after all these years, and will continue to update as long as there is interest in it.  You can see updates from the company at their twitter at https://twitter.com/ArtixEnt