Despite Outward’s Mediocre Look And Issues, It Still Offers Addicting Threats And Good Animation

Despite Outward’s Mediocre Look And Issues, It Still Offers Addicting Threats And Good Animation
Credit: Play4Games via YouTube

Nine Dot Studios’ Outward has been in a lot of quite entertaining disasters. The game is like other RPGs because of similar gameplay. A gamer should select a chosen-one type person who needs to be equipped to save the world or the universe from whatever threatening force or entity that has risen to power.

Outward is a fresh Xbox One title and the game is different from the rest because it makes players feel that they’re just a daily commoner. The concept of the game is interesting, and it made Outward different from the rest. It’s natural to some degree because the protagonist is just an average guy.

Unfortunately, there are several issues, and these concerns are connected with the gameplay’s basic aspects like the feel of the combat and the design of the open world areas. These issues won’t ruin the game, but they can lessen the fluidity of the game.

Even if it has issues, Outward has a concept which can rightfully be labeled as awesome. The marketing tagline of Outward is no journey remarkable without great effort, and it’s true at how people should play the game.

Outward offers a lot of enjoyable threats. Gamers will face a lot of creatures and bandits, and the game’s climate is harsh. Players can be poisoned through spoiled foodstuff.

They can become lethargic due to insufficient sleep. They can bleed out due to untreated wounds. The game is a survival of the fittest, and there’s beauty in that challenge.

Because the protagonist isn’t special physically, Outward will force its players to really work hard to progress. It will force its gamers to become strategic, so they’ll be prudent in every decision.

Those who want to chill while playing might not find Outward suitable for them. But for those who love challenges will have kicks when overcoming hurdles as they grow into an experienced and capable adventurer.

Outward is mediocre-looking, but it’s still gorgeous. There’s a great deal of detail on the game such as the foliage. However, some NPCs and terrains look like they were from games a decade ago. Though the game’s enchanting color palette, lighting, and vibrant look help the game become more engaging.

The animation of the game looks natural on movements, but the animation that shows status effects seems hilarious. Fortunately, the score of the game is beautiful, and it might be the most enchanting element in Outward.

This game has a lot of pros such as stimulating setting, great survival mechanics, beautiful music, and fantastic performance. Some of the cons are mediocre open-realm design, unstable visual fidelity, and awkward combat.

The game can be played on Steam and Xbox One for $40.