Nordlicht Brings A Unique Adventure To The Nintendo Switch Audience

Nordlicht Brings A Unique Adventure To The Nintendo Switch Audience
Credit: Nordlicht

Originally launched in 219, Nordlicht has received a positive reception from its community. This is a light adventure game where players must accompany their unusual family on a journey into the cold north. Learn about the polar night and overcome nature’s danger on a wonderful journey in confronting their fears.

This title comes from Koch Media and is an indie project that is now heading for Nintendo Switch. This game takes players into the cold as they play and experience the journey of a girl named Aurora. Travel with her trusty guinea pig, Peter Parsely, as she learns more about the world around her.

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The animation style of this game makes it truly unique. It looks like a hand-drawn experience that is displayed in a 2D method. This is a heartwarming tale of a journey with her father.

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Interestingly, this title has been well received since its launch and many consider it a heartwarming and happy story. As players dive deeper into this unique title they will get a sense of family, love, and dedication.

This is a game of puzzles, riddles, experience, and more. The overall game describes itself as an experience and a heartfelt and passionate truth. Learn about the sky, the stars, and the north from a perspective that you have never seen before.

The screenshots give the impression of a point and click style adventure Players match objects to situations and try to find what needs to fill the moment at that moment.

The almost paper doll effect of the title mixed with its hand-drawn nature makes the game look and feel almost like a storybook. Only through careful observation, contextual understanding, and passion from the heart can players navigate the story of this young girl’s adventure.

While the game is over a year old there is actually not much released about it. The story seems to just speak for itself as a family friend experience meant for anyone looking for a relaxing time.

Although this game is targeted at kids it is a great experience for players of all ages. This is a heartwarming tale that will have players coming back time after time to just experience its story one more time.

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Nordlicht can be found on Steam and will be porting over to Nintendo Switch. The game is already available on the Nintendo eShop for players who want to find out the true mystery of Aurora’s world.