Koch Media CEO Assures Fans Dead Island II Is Still Alive And In Development

Koch Media CEO Assures Fans Dead Island II Is Still Alive And In Development
Credit: Dead Island Official Website

Techland and Deep Silver’s Dead Island had a less-than-stellar launch in 2011. The game was released with a host of bugs and other issues. Slowly, the game was patched, and it became a fun game to play solo or with up to three other players.

The first game then spawned an expansion pack, Riptide, which introduced a fifth survivor named John.

Dead Island stars four, later five, survivors who are immune to the zombie virus. Each of the survivors has a unique set of skills that utilize melee, blunt objects, guns, and more. The survivors travel through four different zones to uncover the truth behind the outbreak. Riptide continues the survivors’ struggles to survive and also help those who aren’t immune.

Three years later, at E3, a sequel to the game was announced called Dead Island II. The cinematic trailer showed a man slowly turning into a zombie. More information was slowly revealed, such as new playable characters.

Not much was known about Dead Island II. It was supposed to take place in California, a large leap from the game’s original location of Banoi. The entire state was now under quarantine due to the outbreak. The game was expected to be released in 2015, but the release date has been pushed back for years.

Unfortunately, that was one of the last times gamers saw any hint of the sequel. A cel-shaded game called Escape from Dead Island, which was a prequel was released with mediocre reviews then a MOBA title called Dead Island: Epidemic. Years later, a mobile title called Dead Island Survivors was released, starring both heroes from the first and second games.

Gamers began to wonder if Dead Island II would ever be released. Techland became too busy with a new game, Dying Light. Dead Island II was soon passed off to Yager then Sumo Digital and finally Dambuster Studios.

Koch Media CEO Klemens Kundratitz was recently asked about the status of Dead Island II. He stated that the company still considered Dead Island an important brand. They wanted to get the sequel just right.

As with most updates related to Dead Island II, there’s little detail on when the game may see the light of day. Although the title may sit in limbo or pass hands again, fans of the series can at least look forward to Techland’s upcoming title Dying Light II.