Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Is Seeking Player Feedback About Their Favorite Campers

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Is Seeking Player Feedback About Their Favorite Campers
Credit: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Official Website

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is celebrating its 3rd anniversary. The mobile game has been celebrating with several in-game events, items, and rewards.

The official Animal Crossing Pocket Camp social media accounts have announced the first-ever Pocket Poll Awards. Players will need to login into their Nintendo Account first to participate. After logging in, they can access the poll by visiting the voting page and then scanning the QR Code and completing it on a mobile device.

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The poll allows players to vote for their favorite animal friends with a series of questions. There are only three questions for each round. Players click a big orange button that says “Choose” to select an animal as their answer.

The questions change every two days with new questions. Once the time period has passed, players can’t submit their questions. Players also can’t participate in poll questions for future dates. The final results will be posted in a video around November 19 on the game’s official website and social media.

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Those who participate will receive multiple items. They include digital wallpapers featuring Tom Nook and Isabelle, a letter set, and icons of the animals that look similar to the Pocket Camp loading screen.

Players will also receive a digital icon of the animals they vote for that can be used on PC or a mobile device. The biggest bonus of all are 100 Platinum Points, which is why a Nintendo Account is required to participate. Points will be sent once to the player’s Nintendo Account within 30 days after the poll campaign ends.

After voting, players are allowed to post who they voted for on social media. Many players have already shared their results under the poll announcement tweet for those curious about which villagers may be in the lead.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a free-to-play mobile game with optional in-app purchases. It launched in November 2017 worldwide as fans waited for the next console installment of the series. Players maintain a campsite and invite various villagers from the series to vacation in the area. The game continues to update with new events and villagers. News on upcoming events can be found on the game’s official social media accounts.

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The Animal Crossing Pocket Camp 3rd anniversary poll will end on November 7.