Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Is Bringing In The Christmas Spirit With A Seasonal Event Revolving Around Flurry’s Powdered Cookies

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Is Bringing In The Christmas Spirit With A Seasonal Event Revolving Around Flurry’s Powdered Cookies
Credit: Nintendo via Youtube

‘Tis the season for festive events to start rolling into all the popular games. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is no exception as Flurry’s Powdered Cookie has entered the game bringing delight to all the campers. With the temperature low, the night coming early, and twinkling stars above, nothing is beautiful than a Christmas scene inside your pocket camp.

The game is bringing festive decorations into the world from illuminated candle paths to angelic robes. Your entire camp can be dressed up to create a wonderful winter wonderland of your dreams. As per usual, all content in these updates is free to access in this free-to-play title.

Animal Cross Pocket Camp continues to provide a full Animal Crossing experience right in your pocket. From cute characters to lovable items, the game is full of good vibes and happy times. It makes an easy transition into the winter theme even without the addition of Snow.

There is tons of cookies and sweets that appear in the updates depending on the season. Fortune cookies, gingersnaps, and even more delightful sweets have appeared in updates throughout the game’s history.

From the trailer, you get a good look at the scrumptious looking powdered cookie fresh out of the oven. It then transports you into a magical Christmas land with a beautiful clocktower and tons of your citizens dressed in Christmas garb. The short clip really demonstrates the items available with the purchase of a small cookie.

Illuminated candle path shows beautiful stonework with snow-covered and small candles set in the side. The angelic robe fits any of your villagers and gives an almost Christmas caroller feel to your people. The candle bench comes with, of course, a candle and is a great place to sit and enjoy the scenery. The festive white beret compliments any outfit and what kind of holiday event would be complete without a decorated holiday tree to display for all to see.

This cookie is packed full of holiday spirit and gives a true feeling of giving and remembrance to the cold winter days. All it takes is a trip down to the Fortune Cookie Shop to purchase your own powdered cookie and win any of the above items for your pocket camp.

Flurry’s powdered cookie will continue to be available in the Fortune Cookie Shop until February 25. This gives you tons of time to try and nab your favorite items. Remember, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is available for all Android and iOS devices.