Cultist Simulator Mobile Edition Will Add Exile DLC On November 3

Cultist Simulator Mobile Edition Will Add Exile DLC On November 3
Credit: Cultist Simulator via GOG

Weather Factory previously released its mobile port of Cultist Simulator with the assistance of Playdigious. The game was released on both iOS and Android, but not everything was included with the release.

Cultist Simulator mobile was released in 2019. So far, it includes the same content from the PC game, including the Dancer, Priest, and Ghoul DLCs. The game also included additional Simplified Chinese and Russian language options.

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The upcoming update in November will include the Exile DLC on both iOS and Android. Additional language options for Japanese and German are currently in beta and will launch sometime in 2021. A release date hasn’t been confirmed.

Those who already own the Cultist Simulator Perpetual Edition will not receive the mobile edition, including its DLC, for free. This is a new project with a new publisher, which came about after the Kickstarter and PC launch. However, Perpetual Edition owners do get all of the DLC for free, but only on PC.

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In Cultist Simulator, players take on the role as a person hunting unholy mysteries in a 1920s setting. Players will search for hidden gods, histories, and more on their hunt for knowledge, power, beauty, or revenge.

Cultist Simulator has no tutorial. Part of the challenge is learning how to play the Roguelike narrative card game. The game contains a total of 160,000 words and has been localized in five languages.

The Exile DLC has mechanics that are dramatically different from the main game. The strategies that players learned before won’t carry over. Players can begin if they’ve been claimed by Poppy in payment of a debt or directly from the menu screen.

The DLC contains a new Legacy, where players will travel across Europe and beyond. There are ten new endings ranging from cunning, patience, agony, obscurity, and more. It’s up to players how their story will end.

Exile spans over 33 cities, according to the Steam page:

Budapest in the strange days of the Hungarian Regency. Kaunas in the grip of the Iron Wolf. Drink tea with poets in Meshad, or absinthe with artists in Granada. Amber Rostock, Red Vienna. Alexandria, and the Invisible Serapeum. The last days of the Nizhny Great Fair. Marrakech, for Glory. And many more…

Cultist Simulator was created by Alexis Kennedy, who previously created Fallen London and Sunless Sea. The game was nearly 300% funded in 2017 and nominated for several awards, including the BAFTAs.

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Cultist Simulator is currently available for PC and mobile.