Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Is Starting A New Knitted Themed Fishing Tournament With New Items And Lots Of Knitted Goodies

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Is Starting A New Knitted Themed Fishing Tournament With New Items And Lots Of Knitted Goodies
Credit: Nintendo

A new fishing tournament has arrived in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, and the theme this time is knitted items. Players can head over to Lost Lure Creek and talk to Chip to begin their entry into this event.

All you have to do is find the sparkling shadows in the water, throw your line in, and bam you catch a fish. This time fans will be trying to catch green discus, orange discus, and ivory Arowana. All of your findings will be handed over to Chip, who will give you some rewards for meeting total-size goals. There are tons of furniture and apparel to be won in this fishing extravaganza.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is well known for these kinds of cute events, and it is often well-received by fans. The vents are simple, user-friendly, and provide unique rewards at every turn. If you have yet to participate in the Animal Crossing community, these events can be a great way to get involved.

An image has been revealed that shows some of the prizes. Players can win a knitted sofa, a rug, some pillows, a small stool, or even a pile of pillows to decorate your home with. These cute items all look freshly knitted in seasonal green, orange, yellow, and white colors.

For your Pocket Camp friends, you can get a cute orange beanie with a white ball or a nice white sweater. There are also some cute accessories that can be given out, all knitted of course, that really gives a warm feeling to the chilly season.

Players can make the whole fishing experience a tad easier by renting a fishing rod from the beaver for 80 Leaf Tickets. Using this special fishing rod will guarantee two event fish every time you pull your line from the water. This can accelerate your event progress and help you get all the knitted items.

The fishing tournament runs from now until January 19 at 11:59 P.M., giving players about five days to meet all the goals. Make sure to sign in and read the details in-game for more in-depth information on how this event operates.

If you have not tried the mobile Animal Crossing title Pocket Camp then you can find it for free for both iOS and Android devices. The game is free to play with some minor microtransactions built into the game. These transactions are inherent to almost all mobile Nintendo releases, but hey, at least Animal Crossing is now on the go.