Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Plans On Bringing Back The Gunfight Tournament

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Plans On Bringing Back The Gunfight Tournament
Credit: Xbox Via YouTube

Infinity Ward has heard gamers loud and clear, and they are going to be bringing back the Gunfight Tournament! In November, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gamers were able to test out the Gunfight Tournament Beta, an adrenaline-fueled game mode that featured pairs fighting together in a 32-person single-elimination bracket.

In a recent community update from Infinity Ward, Gunfight Tournament will be back as soon as they iron out all the kinks and bugs. The Gunfight Tournament Beta was wildly popular in its short life on Modern Warfare.

Gamers would start the match with a random loadout. Then, the player and their teammate would take on two other gamers, with each individual having only one life. If both teammates were killed in the match, they were eliminated from the bracket. And the other pair would move on. It was a 32-person bracket, which meant that for a duo to win the Gunfight Tournament, they would need to be victorious in eight straight rounds.

Winners of the Gunfight tournament would receive a boatload of experience points as well as a cosmetic skin reward. In the community update, Infinity Ward also mentioned that they would be adding new rewards for gamers to compete for.

Gunfight Tournament Beta was a massive hit with Call of Duty gamers. There is something about a tournament mode with a single-elimination bracket that entices players. It brings the ultimate kill or be killed intensity. Players can also get a lot of fulfillment from playing Gunfight Tournament; gamers start from ground-zero. And they shoot, knife, frag, and noob-tube their way through eight fierce firefights.

Infinity Ward didn’t give an exact date on when they will be rolling it back out. There is a constant revolving door of game modes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare so it could pop up at any moment.

A lot of other things were mentioned in the community update, and gamers can click the link the embedded tweet at the start of this blog to read it. It sounds like Infinity Ward will be adding more loadout slots for players to take advantage of. The developer doesn’t give an exact date for this addition, either, but they did say it will be in the coming weeks.

Infinity Ward also posted a day-of-the-week calendar for players. It tells gamers what they can expect during the week. On Tuesdays, there will be playlist updates. On Thursdays, there will be developer diaries and/or a behind the scenes blog. There will also be a community update blog, just like this one, coming out on Fridays.