Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Playlist Update Includes The Wildly Popular Shoot House 24/7

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Playlist Update Includes The Wildly Popular Shoot House 24/7
Credit: Call of Duty via YouTube

Tuesday is always an exciting day for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gamers! Typically on this day, new game modes are ushered into Multiplayer. This Tuesday was no different, as a few new game modes are now available for players to queue into.

The developer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward, has brought back the beloved Shoot House 24/7 game mode. When gamers queue into this, they are guaranteed to be playing a match on the fan-favorite map, Shoot House. By bringing this game mode back into Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward has removed Shipment 24/7. One can be quite confident that the extreme chaos that is Shipment 24/7 will be back, however.

Gunfight 3v3 has made an appearance again, which has been enjoyed immensely by gamers. There have been a few different Gunfight game modes, including 1v1, 2v2, and the Gunfight Tournament that was recently tested by players as a beta version.

Another limited-time mode has become available on the Multiplayer dashboard, and that’s “Same Day Delivery.” This actually features two different game modes, Cranked and Drop Zone.

Cranked is Team Deathmatch type game mode, but with a twist. When a gamer gets a kill, they become Cranked, making them much faster. Their aiming down sight speed increases, as well as there movement speed and reload speed. There is a catch, however. The player needs to get another kill within thirty seconds, or they will explode and die. Every time a player gets another kill, the timer is reset.

The timer makes Cranked an entertaining playlist because it forces players to be much more aggressive. If they just sit around while in the Cranked mode, they’ll die. The action is forced in this game mode, so it’s always welcomed back!

The other game mode in “Same Day Delivery” is Drop Zone. It’s like Hardpoint, but with a key difference. There are two teams, and they will battle to control a zone. When a team controls the zone, a care package will drop from the sky every so often. The zone will move throughout the map as the round progresses!

Finally, Gun Game has been added to the Quick Play filter. So, if players ever want to enjoy Gun Game solely, they can deselect all of the other Quick Play game modes!