Cube World Breaks Silence, Re-emerges After A Six-Year Disappearance

Cube World Breaks Silence, Re-emerges After A Six-Year Disappearance
Credit: paulsoaresjr via YouTube

Developer Picroma broke its silence and revealed that Cube World would be making its way to Steam this year.

Inspired by Minecraft and Zelda, Cube World engendered a massive amount of hype since it was first announced in 2011. The paid version was released in 2013 and wowed the gaming world with its striking and procedurally generated environment.

Industry experts saw potential on Cube World, and the game went on to provide a distinctive exploration-focused on the action-RPG genre. Likewise, Cube World enabled players to adopt a wide range of different classes and start an open-world adventure that is different in each stage.

However, purchasers became anxious after Picroma developer Wolfram von Funck embarked on an extended period of silence after the launch. Since then, communication about the development and progress of the game has been sporadic.

Earlier today, Von Funck resurfaced on Twitter and assured fans that the game wasn’t dead by posting gameplay footages.

“Cube World will be released on Steam. Hopefully around the end of September/October 2019,” Von Funck wrote on Twitter.

The 16-minute gameplay footage looks promising and draws similar comparisons to Minecraft but with non-linear gameplay, a boat, and a hang glider. The footage also flaunts questing and crafting tasks but has yet to unveil new characters or water specs.

Cube World’s arrival in Steam will be the first glimpse of what has changed in the years since the alpha release. According to its Steam listing, the new version offers four classes which include Mage, Rogue, Ranger, and Warrior.

Moreover, the steam listing also said that Cube World would also come with magic artifacts, armor, elixirs, spells, food, combat, and tameable pets, which will fight together with heroes and can be utilized as mounts.

Other than that, the procedurally generated environment itself will exhibit quests that charge heroes with the task of discovering dungeons, fighting gigantic monsters, and helping residents. Cube World also supports solo and online co-op play.

Prices for the Steam release has yet to be revealed, but von Funck mentioned that everyone who bought the Alpha version would receive a Steam key. However, the Alpha version, which was available for $15 is no longer available.

Von Funck has also yet to disclose the timeline for the beta version. Still, the good news here is Von Funck is actively working to make the necessary updates for Cube World.