Conan Exiles’ First Big Expansion Releases Next Week In Early Access

Conan Exiles’ First Big Expansion Releases Next Week In Early Access
Credit: Gameranx via YouTube

Ever since releasing in 2017 of January, Conan Exiles has been a pretty successful survival game from Funcom. It takes what made the previous installments successful and improves the franchise in a lot of meaningful ways, including the open-world design, multiplayer action, and the barbarism.

Whether you’re enduring cold temperatures or braving the dangerous world around you, Conan Exiles keeps you invested in its survival elements and makes you feel like you’re in an actual blockbuster movie. The game has only gotten better with time too. Mounts and mounted combat have been added, as well as a bevvy of other features.

The first major expansion is also finally on the way called Isle of Siptah. It will be available in Early Access starting September 15th, which is just a couple of days away. The expansion features a new island filled with mysteries, magical elements, and dungeons.

To celebrate its upcoming release, a new trailer was just put out. Siptah as a new environment looks very promising. It’s pretty diverse in the different areas it features, from the sprawling mountains to the dark dungeons below. There’s something magical going on as is shown with the heavy presence of storms.

As you venture through the different areas, you’ll come in contact with a lot of savage beasts. They look very menacing so you’ll have to come correct if you wish to survive battle. You can move throughout Siptah on a mount, including a new rhinoceros. It looks menacing in its own right and a valuable asset to have when going to battle with fellow players or beasts.

In addition to exploring all of these great sights and battling the interesting beasts, players have plenty of new resources to collect. They can build up their shelters to have a better chance at surviving everything that Siptah throws at them.

This first major expansion seems to be adding a lot of new content, which is great news for players that have been around for a while. There are many things to do in Conan Exiles, but it’s always nice when a developer keeps new content coming along.

If Isle of Siptah is successful, expect more expansions to come later on down the road. For now, players have plenty to sink their teeth into and plenty of epic battles to enjoy with beasts of varying shapes and sizes. Be sure to look for the Siptah expansion next week.