Conan Exiles Is Receiving A Big Update In December, Including The Addition Of Mounted Combat

Conan Exiles Is Receiving A Big Update In December, Including The Addition Of Mounted Combat
Credit: Funcom via YouTube

In terms of online multiplayer games, Conan Exiles is one of the better ones in this space. If you ever watched a Conan movie, this game will leave you feeling right at home. It has been out now since 2018. Over the months, it has received a lot of great updates. Another major one is coming this December, which is bringing all sorts of new systems and goodies to this fantastic open sandbox multiplayer.

Most notably, mounted combat is being added to the game. On top of a horse, you’ll be able to battle against others in epic fashion. The addition makes sense if you’ve seen any of the movies. Conan is often depicted on top of a horse slaying enemies left and right. It’s only when he runs into a serious threat when he dismounts from his horse.

The mounted combat system should introduce new layers to an already competent fighting system. If you — on top of a horse  — come across a member of an enemy clan that’s not, they will pretty much be easy pickings because of your superior height advantage. Running into foes also mounted on steeds should lead to some memorable battle sequences.

It’s interesting to note that Funcom — the game’s developer — put more emphasis on the mount system as opposed to strictly riding on horses. This probably signals the capability of mounting other animals in battle, from bears to tigers. That would be incredible to see visually. Imagine coming up to an enemy on a ferocious tiger salivating at the concept of eating live prey. It would strike fear into the hearts of all of your enemies in this online universe.

To introduce the mount system coming to the game, Funcom put out a short trailer. It doesn’t show much in the form of gameplay. Rather, it’s pretty much a cinematic trailer showing two characters riding fast on horses. This update will be completely free to those that already own a copy of the game.

It will also be available in December, which is worth marking on your calendar if you’re looking for a new way to fight enemies and hunt down animals for survival. The update also will fix a lot of bugs that have plagued players, as well as introduce new features. More on them is expected to be revealed by Funcom at a later date. Conan Exiles just keeps getting better and better.