Elven Warrior, Fenris, To Possibly Return In Dragon Age IV Because Of Appearance In New Comic

Elven Warrior, Fenris, To Possibly Return In Dragon Age IV Because Of Appearance In New Comic
Credit: Dragon Age via YouTube

There had been no clear direction whether Dragon Age IV would ultimately come to life, even after a teaser trailer was made public during last year’s Game Awards. Since Dragon Age: Inquisition was published, Bioware has been all hands with various projects. The development of the fourth Dragon Age installment was left to other development teams.

News has also been circulating about a series of Dragon Age stories that transpires in the world of Tevinter. This mage capital is more likely going to be the setting of the fourth installment in the game’s series.

Along with that, a new comic has also been released with a storyline that takes place in the same world. What’s also worth anticipating is the appearance of the elven warrior, Fenris, who also happens to be a fan-favorite character in the series.

The mage hunter was also one of the main characters of Dragon Age II, and his comic book appearance is more likely a hunch of his participation in the upcoming game.

The comic book, with the title Dragon Age: Blue Wraith, will have a plot centering on the attacks of Qunari against Tevinter. The comic also features a new mage character in search of her beloved father. During one of the attacks, the new female mage will have a combat battle with Fenris. Though much of a takeaway, a confrontation battle with Fenris might not be good if he is on the hunt for mages.

Fenris thought, made his last appearance in Dragon Age II. The game would eventually tell you he is hunting for Tenvinter slavers if he survived the playthrough. Nonetheless, Fenris has been one of the most favorite characters because he has been the object of the fantasy of both the male and female Hawkes in the second game installation.

Aptly saying, Fenris would have survived the events of Dragon Age II: Inquisition because he has been resurrected in the recently released comic. Also, clues about the upcoming Dragon Age IV can be gathered from hints given during the last DCL expansion of Inquisition.

Blue Wraith, which might also be the title of Dragon Age IV, is expected to take place in Tevinter – just like the comic book story. Though there are definite clues, the conflict between Qunari and Tevinter playing within the game’s story is something we might be expecting in the coming days.