Classic Strategy Games Langrisser I And II Launching Worldwide In March 2020

Classic Strategy Games Langrisser I And II Launching Worldwide In March 2020
Credit: Langrisser Official Website

Publisher NIS America, Inc. has released the worldwide release dates for their upcoming titles Langrisser I and II. Both titles have been remastered with high-definition graphics, re-orchestrated music, and quality-of-life improvements.

Langrisser I and II are RPG strategy games that tell the classic tale of good versus evil.

According to the official Steam page:
Langrisser I: The forces of darkness are descending on the kingdom of Baldea. Take up your sword as Prince Ledin, and discover the evil that lies in the heart of the Dalsis empire.”

Langrisser II: The forces of darkness once again threaten the realm. Thrust between warring factions, it is up to our hero Elwin to navigate this war and determine which path will bring peace to this conflict.”

Each game has a classic appearance setting that returns to the games to its roots. Those who have played the series before may want to take advantage of the remake option. The remake option that shows the updated artwork compared to the original design and newly added voice acting.

Satoshi Urushihara, who also worked on the Growlanser and Cybernator game series, originally created the character designs for the series. The remake version features art by Ar Tonelico artist Ryo Nagi. Urushihara did design a new character, Betty, for the remake of the series.

Masaya Games originally developed Langrisser I and II and released it in the 1990s. The first series was released in 1991 but later came to North America as Warsong. The series has continued for decades, but almost none of the games were released outside of Japan. The last title to be released worldwide was Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei in 2015.

Langrisser I and II will be released on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Physical editions of the games have also been announced, including the regular versions, plus a limited collectors edition. The NIS America store has a Limited Edition of the game that includes the game, visual book, original 2-disc soundtrack, Songs of War 3-Disc Soundtrack, and art cards all packaged in a collector’s box.

The games are being released at different times worldwide. North America will receive the games on March 10, Europe on March 13, and finally Australia and New Zealand on March 20.