Classic Oldies Langrisser I and II, Tactics Role-Playing Games, Are Getting Remakes In 2020

Classic Oldies Langrisser I and II, Tactics Role-Playing Games, Are Getting Remakes In 2020
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Tactics games haven’t changed much in the last thirty years. Gameplay has always been a bit like advanced chess with variable maps and pieces. Tactics games are a bit like mom’s spaghetti, in fact—it’s a simple recipe, but it always turns out tasty. That’s why the classic pioneer games of the genre, like Langrisser I and II are still enjoyable for tactics’ fans even today. And in a year, you’ll finally be able to explore them in a whole new way on modern consoles.

The developers at Chara-Ani have redesigned the old Langrisser games from the ground up with entirely up-to-date graphics and gameplay elements and with no significant story changes. (Because the story is already perfect.) The new-old games will be sold as a bundled package for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

And if you haven’t tried the two games yet, but are an overall fan of tactics and strategy games like Fire Emblem, then you owe Langrisser a look: Langrisser is often touted as the better of the two series. And that reputation is well-earned.

The full list of updates for the games is extensive. In fact, it’s a bit of an injustice to call them just “updates” because this is way different. The remakes are more like new games built over the skeletons of their ancestors. That’s grungy, but it’s also true.

Now. Here are some of the new features. The remakes will have an entirely new musical soundtrack, updated in-game graphics and anime cutscenes, gameplay enhancements (that don’t directly alter the original gameplay too much), and some extra additions that haven’t yet been revealed. Don’t be surprised if the new developers slip in a few easter eggs and side content too.

Even with the updates, there are tons of things that set the original Langrisser games apart from their peers. First off, individual commanders can command different units, and those units don’t experience permadeath if the commander dies in battle. Additionally, the games use a branching path system that seriously boosts the originals’ replayability for a tactics game.

The originals first came out, respectively, in 1991 and 1994 and kicked off thirty years of tactics games. Ever since Langrisser has remained a quiet but well-respected titan in the industry. It’s well worth revisiting the originals even in today’s competitive game environment.

Keep an eye out for more information on the games. All we know now is what we’ve seen from the announcement trailer. Langrisser I and II‘s expected release is set for sometime early next year.