Call Of Duty: Warzone Is Still Receiving Heavy Cheating Activity, Which Is Hurting Crossplay Opportunities

Call Of Duty: Warzone Is Still Receiving Heavy Cheating Activity, Which Is Hurting Crossplay Opportunities
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Call of Duty: Warzone has been smashing it lately in terms of user activity. It’s clear this battle royale game has a lot going for it, from the user-friendly design to its variety of modes. You don’t even have to be a battle royale professional to have success in the matches early on.

Like with any battle royale game, though, cheating has been pretty prominent. Players are resorting to cheap tactics to get a competitive advantage in battle, such as using aim bots and wall-hacks. It’s still heavily present in Warzone today and is affecting many gamers’ experiences.

It’s getting so bad — in fact — that many console users are forgoing crossplay because of the tactical advantage that their PC peers have over them. Mouse and keyboard players have many more opportunities to cheat if they so please, you see. It’s causing console players to limit their party to just those also playing on consoles.

That’s not the best situation for Warzone players because it takes longer for the lobbies to fill up. Whereas when playing with console and PC players, you can get enough players pretty quick and then start the match. Clearly, the cheating activity has impacted Warzone players in a dramatic way and Infinity Ward and Raven Software need to respond quickly before they lose fans.

They’ve done a pretty good job thus far with their banning strategy. They’ve already banned thousands of users and you can bet thousands of more are on the way with the cheating activity still present. The severity of their banning could also curb cheating. For instance, rather than just banning players for a couple of months, the developers could enact a forever-ban policy. That would surely curb cheating and give both console and PC players more user-friendly experiences.

For now, though, players enjoying Call of Duty: Warzone will just have to hope they get put in lobbies with others who’re on the up and up. For every player willing to cheat, there are those that try their best to keep their tactics honest. That’s great to see because if makes these battle royale games all the better.

Despite the heavy presence of cheaters, Warzone still is a fantastic game. The 150-player battles get your adrenaline pumping as you figure out a way to survive attack after attack. Hopefully as we get further into 2020, the developers have figured out a way to keep cheating to a minimum.