Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Nostalgic Killstreaks Make A Return In 2019 Reboot

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Nostalgic Killstreaks Make A Return In 2019 Reboot
Credit: Activision via YouTube

It looks like the Call of Duty series is doing everything it can to return to its formidable past. For years, the original killstreak system from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has been transformed and evolved into a scorestreak system instead. According to many fans, this makes earning those streaks much easier and has spoiled some of the challenges of multiplayer CoD.

Those same fans will be glad to hear that the original killstreak system is making its way back into the 2019 soft-reboot of Modern Warfare. Previously, a user had leaked the entire list of Modern Warfare’s killstreaks, but these three are the first to be officially announced.

First up, Juggernaut. This is a suit of heavy battle armor and not the first time the Juggernaut mechanics have appeared in a Call of Duty title. The original Juggernauts arrived with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Spec Ops mode, but the Juggernaut perk has been present since the original CoD 4. Juggernauts have been portrayed in different ways with different mechanics across the game’s series, it’ll be interesting to see how they are handled in the new title.

Next up, the Infantry Assault Vehicle. This drops onto the map and starts to wreak havoc with a 50. cal machine gun attached to the top. Likely as frustrating as the original Attack Helicopter, this one might be easier to destroy with your RPG due to the fact it’s on the ground. It’s not clear how many kills you’ll need to unlock this beast.

Lastly, the White Phosphorus. There’s nothing like committing a war crime in a video game, and White Phosphorus is the scariest on this list of killstreaks, for sure. It will likely work in the same way napalm did in the original Black Ops, leaving behind a trail of horrible chemicals which damages anyone who walks nearby.

These are the latest announcements from one of the most highly anticipated Call of Duty games of recent years. What, with the return to a realistic campaign, an assortment of old and new maps, and the first glimpses at the competitive Gunfight multiplayer mode, it’s shaping up to be a return to the former glories of CoD.