Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Error Is Deleting Players’ Stats

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Error Is Deleting Players’ Stats
Credit: Call of Duty via YouTube

Infinity Ward dropped a sizable update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare today, but with it came an error that has deleted some players’ stats.

An error has been popping up today that states: “Your data is corrupt or didn’t download properly. You must reset your rank and unlocks to continue.” Then, players have the choice to either press “yes” or “no.”

However, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s developer doesn’t want players to choose any of those options. They are asking gamers to hard-close the entire application, instead.

Infinity Ward is currently working on a fix for this error, but it doesn’t sound like it will be fixed tonight.

If a player ends up pressing the prompted “yes,” then the gamer’s operators, combat record, leaderboards, and custom classes are all reset. If they don’t push “yes,” everything should still be intact.

Infinity Ward notes that a player’s rank, XP, weapon progression, Battle Pass progression, purchases, unlocks, and anything else in that nature won’t be affected, regardless of the choice that the gamer makes.

The developer is planning on rolling out a fix as soon as they make one, which should bring players’ stats back to where they were before the doomed click.

Gamers can still enjoy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and keep working on their progression, But, Infinity Ward mentions that whatever changes occur to someone’s stats will be reset to whatever they were at before the title update.

This error is bound to continue to frustrate gamers, but at least players can still work on progressing through their Battle Pass and on their weapons.

Another part of the title update was the addition of more loadout slots for gamers to customize. But, there was a bug that would send players back to the Multiplayer screen whenever they clicked on one of the new slots. It looks like Infinity Ward has introduced a fix for that already. The new fix, however, has reset all of these new slots back to square-one, so gamers will have to spend some time building them again.

Typically, players have gotten five slots to customize. But, with the almost endless amount of classes a player can build, the addition of more loadouts is a welcomed changed. Infinity Ward has added another five slots for gamers to mess around with, which gives them more freedom to try out new weapons and builds without destroying a class that they’ve already customized.