Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Receives Huge Title Update, Includes The Addition Of The Crossbow

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Receives Huge Title Update, Includes The Addition Of The Crossbow
Credit: Call of Duty via YouTube

If there’s one thing that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gamers can expect, it’s an update. Whether it’s a new playlist, map, or bug fix, Infinity Ward has been very consistent with keeping a reliable flow of content. Today, players received a sizable title update.

Gamers can read the extensive patch notes by clicking the link in the embedded tweet below:

There are a few significant changes with the update that released today, January 22. First, Infinity Ward has made a few playlist alterations. They have added two limited-time game modes, Capture the Flag and Shoot the Ship. Shoot the Ship, which features gameplay on either Shipment or Shoot House, has replaced the game mode Shoot House 24/7. However, gamers can expect to see Shoot House 24/7 back on their dashboard in the near future. It has been an extremely popular mode that players have enjoyed since it’s inception.

Infinity Ward has also reintroduced the map Aniyah Palace back into its original rotation.

Another great change that has come with the title update is the addition of five new loadout slots. Gamers can now customize up to 10 different loadouts, which will allow players to try out new weapons and builds without the constant, tedious task of disassembling a slot.

Infinity Ward has introduced a new weapon into the game, the Crossbow. It has been seen before on other Call of Duty games, and it’s typically a fun gun to mess around with. It can also be a devastating weapon if a player can master it.

To unlock the Crossbow, gamers need to put in a little bit of work. Players will need to equip the Marksman Rifle and get five kills in 25 different matches while using a Reflex Optic scope. That will take a bit of time, but the Crossbow may be worth it to some players.

Besides these prominent updates, there are a bunch of other minor changes. Infinity Ward dropped fixes for the Trophy System, Field Upgrades, Killstreaks, Weapons, and other miscellaneous things. They also included a few changes for the upcoming Call of Duty League, which starts this weekend, Friday, January 25.

There have been a few issues since the title update released this morning. Players have had some of their stats erased because of an in-game error. Infinity Ward is working on a fix for it right now. If gamers want to learn more about that, click here.