Biostar Introduces New Addition To Racing Motherboard Series; Board Supports AMD Ryzen Chips

Biostar Introduces New Addition To Racing Motherboard Series; Board Supports AMD Ryzen Chips
Credit: Computer News via YouTube

Biostar unveiled the Racing X570GT, which is a 4th-generation Micro-ATX motherboard that supports the new Ryzen processors.

The motherboard has a PCIe 4.0 slot along with four more slots for DIMM with as much as DDR4-4000 capability. The DDR4 ensures a higher transfer rate of data, as well as module density. It also requires less voltage requirement compared to DDR3.

This one is equipped with the AMD X570 chip. It also supports 4K resolution and USB 3.1 Gen1. This means a seamless connection to next-gen peripherals and components. The USB 3.1 hits transfer speeds at 10X faster compared to the standard. But it’s also backward compatible if you have USB 2.0 standard.

The PCB is moisture-proof, which gives you peace of mind even if you are glued to your gaming station the whole day. The PCB will easily oxidize and deteriorate once it absorbs moisture.

The Racing X570GT is designed for hardcore gamers and overclockers who want to push their CPUs to the limit. The Iconic Racing brand is slapped on this board, along with grey lighting strikes, so you are assured of quality.

Although Biostar said this Micro-ATX motherboard is designed for overclockers, it’s not clear how it maximizes the Ryzen 3000 chips. There are no benchmarks when you are talking about the Ryzen 9 3900X, for instance. But one thing that should be pointed out is the absence of heatsinks that are typically found on the VRM. Also, there are fewer heatsinks here compared to the full ATX variant.

The use of ferrite choke means a 25% lower core energy loss compared to boards that use the iron choke. Meanwhile, the capacitors are protected with armor-plated technology developed from Biostar labs. This makes sure that all the important components on the board are durable, stable, and last longer.

If you are using heavier video cards, the iron slot protection ensures that the PCIe x 16 slots reinforced against bending.

The surge protection capability of the Racing X570GT guarantees stability in case of an electrical surge or lightning strikes. Its own Super LAN Surge Protection technology guarantees as much as 4x the protection compared to its competitors.

For those who love to customize their motherboards, the Biostar Micro-ATX comes equipped with Led Rock Zone. You can adjust the RGB colors with the use of an app, which really helps your custom build stand out.