BIOSTAR Launches Next Generation B365MHC Micro ATX Motherboard Packed With Features

BIOSTAR Launches Next Generation B365MHC Micro ATX Motherboard Packed With Features
Credit: Computer News via YouTube

Leading computer hardware manufacturer BIOSTAR has just launched a new addition to its arsenal of computer rigs in the form of the new BIOSTAR B365MHC Micro ATX 6Motherboard. The motherboard can support 32GB of DDR4 with a top bandwidth capacity of 2666Mhz Gbe LAN and a Super LAN surge protection able to provide a reliable and stable data transfer.

The motherboard also offers some sleek new features including the PCIe M.2 expansion slot able to support 32Gb/s the Intel Optane Technology reducing boot times. This feature improves your computer’s efficiency and performance output. The board’s HDMI has the full capacity to support up to 4000 resolution, and the B365 chipset gives you the power to perform both office processes and home multimedia demands.

What’s particularly grand about the new BIOSTAR release is it’s packed with some of the latest tech innovations to capture your on-demand needs. It can support the latest 8th and 9th generation Intel Core Processors built solidity in its micro-ATX form factor case.

Some of the best features to watch out from the B365MHC ATX motherboard are its fully comprehensive I/O system. This includes the 4k2K high-definition enabled resolution image display able to support 4x the resolution of today’s HD videos and games. It can display high-quality pictures with more detailed content and life-like images. The BIOSTAR B365MHC Micro ATX is desktop ready and connects via HDMI cable for viewing every 4K2K data.

The motherboard also includes a high module density with low voltage requirement and higher data transfer rates. A 5Gbps data transfer is quite easy to achieve with the USB 3.1 Gen 1. It is the new standard for connectivity transferring data 10x much faster and supports backward-compatible file exchange using the motherboard’s USB 2.0 component.

BIOSTAR has also incorporated one of the most powerful features of today’s computer systems, the Intel Optane Memory Technology. It allows your PC to refresh performance procedures by accelerating the running performance of your storage devices. Lessen boot times and improve your PC’s performance without the need for an additional SSD.

The new BIOSTAR B 365MHC Micro ATX Motherboard is also powered by the Super LAN Surge Protection System which incorporates advanced antistatic security. It has an integrated chip for increasing electrical stability during unstable electrical connections or lightning strikers.