Better Late Than Never! Black Desert Heats Up PlayStation 4 This August 22

Better Late Than Never! Black Desert Heats Up PlayStation 4 This August 22
Credit: Black Desert via Youtube

It is time to open those wallets gamers because you can now pre-order the unique MMORPG, Black Desert. The game officially launches on PS4 August 22 and players around the world are excited. Black Desert Online was originally published for Microsoft Windows in 2015 and has since been remastered for PC in 2018.

In fact, Black Desert is already out on Xbox this year and PlayStation will be the last to receive the game.

Black Desert via YouTube

Black Desert is a sandbox MMORPG that possesses a revolutionary player driven market and a seamless open world. Players will be released in the middle of an intense war between the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. These two warring sovereignties are an uproar over the powerful energy source the Black Stone. Accompanying the player’s character is the mysterious Black Spirit somehow connected to the Black Stone and forever intertwined with the character’s fate.

This MMORPG allows players to choose from warrior, ranger, sorceress, berserker, wizard, and witch. Each of these classes has its own powerful moves that will complement an individual player’s style. If a player combines an exciting battle system with the impressive character customization options, then they will be able to make their own second life of sorts.

Guilds play a crucial factor in the Black Desert. Players can participate in exclusive guild missions, connect with other players, and even engaging in large scale wars that will shape the future of Black Desert.

For those players who prefer the peaceful life, Black Desert brings extensive crafting, hunting, farming and fishing to the game. This allows players to find new ways to create their own experience in this incredible open world.

Black Desert via YouTube

There are several incentives to buy this game beyond its own merits. However, if players want extra riches then there are many pre-order bonuses! On the PlayStation Store, there are three versions of the game that players can choose. The editions are standard, deluxe, and ultimate edition.

The Standard edition is 29.99, Deluxe is listed at 49.99, and the Ultimate edition will go up to 99.99. PlayStation Plus subscribers receive an additional 10% reduced price from the prices listed above.

From each of these editions, players can collect various pets, in-game currency, and gear that you won’t find anywhere else. These deals last to the day of release so players are urged to browse and pick the one they like best.