Black Desert Comes Out With Latest Patch On 01/08, Includes New UI, Training Dummies, and New Class

Black Desert Comes Out With Latest Patch On 01/08, Includes New UI, Training Dummies, and New Class
Credit: Pearl Abyss

One of the best parts about playing any role-playing game, whether it’s a standard RPG or a massively multiplayer RPG, is the class system. That’s why we’re all always looking for more and more classes in our RPGs. It’s all about the customization if you know what I mean.

There’s a new patch out for Black Desert fans, and it comes with a whole lot of new goodies. So if you’re into one of the best games by the developers over at Pearl Abyss, then be sure to check this one out as soon as you get a chance. It includes a new class, several quality-of-life updates, training dummies, and a whole new UI. It is pretty good.

So let’s get into it. The new class is the Kunoichi, which is the Japanese word for a female ninja. And as you might have guessed, this class is both sexy and tough.

They call her the “enchanting shadow,” and her backstory has her returning to the desert after being exiled for a long time. Now she’s ready to get revenge on her enemies. The skill tree is totally different from anything we’ve ever seen before. The Kunoichi comes with a flash slash, ninjutsu: shadow explosion, kunai stab, and tragic blade abilities.

The tragic blade ability looks particularly devastating. It allows the player to deceive their opponents by making them think the player is vulnerable. Then during their next attack, the player will attack and deliver a killing blow.

And the kunai stab ability allows the player to use their elite reflexes to stab at the vitals of their enemy. The skill description claims that this ability will allow the Kunoichi to render their enemy “useless,” which probably means it’s a classic stun ability. That’s very clean.

For the Xbox One players, a whole new UI feature will be added to the game, which is great news because the inventory feature was becoming a pain to work with for so many of us. Most of the UI stuff is actually cosmetic in nature but that goes quite a long way if you think about it.

There’s a lot of problems in just being able to quickly find and organize your stuff on the tabs and menus that you have in-game, and this new patch promises to help fix that by adding tabs and buttons closer together and making them so much easier to find for the discerning player.

Be sure to get the new patch now if you’re a fan of Black Desert.