Bend Studio Has Some Amazing Plans For Days Gone, Taking The Zombie Genre To New Heights

Bend Studio Has Some Amazing Plans For Days Gone, Taking The Zombie Genre To New Heights
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

One video game genre that seems to be wearing out its welcome is zombie survival/action. We get so many of these games every year, featuring the same premise and design. That doesn’t mean to say they’re all bad. Take the remake of Resident Evil 2 for example. It’s an amazing game in terms of visuals and zombie mechanics. It’s also filled with tense moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

For the most part, however, the zombie genre is in desperate need of a re-haul. Well, it appears Days Gone could be up to this task. The creators of this exclusive title, Bend Studio, apparently has some bold plans in store thanks to the amazing power of the PS4.

Bend Studio has been around for quite some time, seeing Sony grow over the years. Thanks to this experience, they know what makes a good PlayStation title. If anyone can create a novel zombie game, it’s this company. Apparently, their ace in the hole for Days Gone is its zombie-hoard mechanics. We’ve never quite seen anything like this in a video game.

It has been depicted in movies quite well. World War Z is a film that comes to mind instantly. Seeing hundreds of zombies coming from the same direction is terrifying just to think about, and Days Gone could be the first game to really master this aspect of the zombie apocalypse. The question is: How do you take this general idea and turn it into a fully developed zombie game?

Bend Studio spent years thinking about this question. Their answer seems to be centered on choice and strategy. You won’t have success taking on the hoard by attacking it head-on. Instead, a lot of off-road exploration will be key, where zombie numbers are less of a threat. That’s where the open-world environment comes into play.

It seems players will have plenty of opportunities to explore the world of Days Gone, be it on foot or in on some sort of vehicle. Bend Studio also seems to be putting a lot of emphasis on realistic environments. They wanted to re-create the Pacific Northwest like it would be during a zombie apocalypse. Rooted in a realistic world, the events in this game thus would seem more relevant.

The game is expected to hit shelves on April 26 this year. Already, it seems like what Bend Studio is planning has the makings to be a complete success and revolutionary.