Bandit Might Be The Next Risk Of Rain 2 Character And Players Should Keep Their Lunar Coins For A While

Bandit Might Be The Next Risk Of Rain 2 Character And Players Should Keep Their Lunar Coins For A While
Credit: The_Evil_Pickle via YouTube

From Destiny 2 to Apex Legends, committed fans datamine games a lot to search for ideas regarding future features or content. Even if Risk of Rain 2 has been launched for several days, the game has been datamined already.

AtheosLol, a Reddit user searched through the data files of Risk of Rain and discovered information about The Bandit. It means this beloved character could be added to the characters of Risk of Rain 2. Players need to unlock this character.

Before the veterans of Risk of Rain become too enthused, co-founder of Hopoo Games, Duncan Drummond has alerted gamers through Twitter that the datamined information isn’t an assurance of possible future content, and there are probabilities that they might not end up in the game after all.

People should not let themselves down if the information they have now will not be pursued because The Bandit could still become a part of Risk of Rain 2. The character is quick at shooting and has a good skill set.

If fans will make an online buzz about their yearnings, the developers of the game might push themselves to make The Bandit a reality. The character made an impression in Risk of Rain, so he’s perfect for the sequel. He’ll be great in getting Lunar coins and in farming enemy drops.

Gearbox Software and Hopoo Games had mentioned the release of the sequel through Steam Early Access. This roguelike shooter game brings several changes to the popular series, and one of the most notable amendments is the fresh 3D perspective. It means gamers can now uncover a lot. Risk of Rain 2 has introduced a fresh currency known as Lunar Coins, which gamers can collect.

AtheosLol has discovered several more character files besides The Bandit, and it includes vintage personas such as Enforcer, HAN-D, and The Sniper. It seems that the first game’s classic lineup will be back in the sequel.

The Lunar Coins in the sequel are rare so gamers should expect they wouldn’t come quickly. They should be prepared to kill a lot of enemies and hope for a Lunar Coin drop.

Some of the items will be gone upon a players’ demise in the sequel and like in popular roguelike games, and the coins are connected to a gamer’s account. Gamers can continue playing to complete their runs and gain Lunar Coins, and they don’t need to be anxious about losing them.

Players can spend the coins at Lunar Planets so they can get a random item. The pros who have played the sequel recommended that players should keep their coins for some time because 10 of those coins are important to unlock Artificer.

When playing the sequel, gamers will stumble upon the Shrine of Newt, and it will inquire for the 1 Lunar Coin. By using the coin, gamers can unlock the Bazaar portal, which can be found at the level’s end. At the sequel’s bazaar, gamers can use their coins on several items.