Magic: The Gathering Trailer Released; War Of The Spark Shows Some Planeswalkers

Magic: The Gathering Trailer Released; War Of The Spark Shows Some Planeswalkers
Credit: Magic: The Gathering via YouTube

The Wizards of the Coast released a new Magic: The Gathering trailer which shows what the planeswalkers are capable of.

Just last month, it was reported that the new set, War of the Spark, will feature a planeswalker in every pack. All in all, there will be 36 planeswalkers in the coming batch. Each one of them will have their own planeswalker card.

In Magic: The Gathering — War of the Spark, Teyo Verada will come face to face with his fate. After he was buried alive, he was on the brink of death when he was transported to Ravnica. It’s a world so unlike his own–a place of glass, stone, and mystery.

Teyo himself is a planeswalker, and he was summoned to Ravnica by Nicol Bolas. The Elder Dragon lays waste to Ravnica in his quest to become immortal with unlimited powers.

Meanwhile, another planeswalker, Liliana Vess, finds herself helping Nicol Bolas assault Ravnica. The Army of Eternals has been killing everything in their path, and the Elder Dragon is poised to get what he wants.

However, the Magic: The Gathering trailer shows that all is not lost. In a moment of self-awareness, Liliana realizes the destruction she wrought. While looking at a mother and child buried in rubble, her inner power awakens.

She’s taking back control of her life, even if she loses it in the process. She then orders her Dreadhordes to attack Nicol Bolas, who is perched on top of a stone castle.

Before the Magic: The Gathering trailer ends, Liliana challenges Nicol Bolas, and the Elder Dragon doesn’t take the betrayal lightly. The sorceress glows like a thousand suns as she stretches the limits of her power.

Will she defeat Nicol Bolas?

She has been working for four demons in her search for true power. She served Kothophed, Belzenlok, Razaketh, and Griselbrand. It’s later revealed that the true mastermind is Nicol Bolas.

Everybody knows that she doesn’t come close to Nicol Bolas or Sorin in terms of power. So her decision to challenge the powerful monster would likely have a tragic end. Will the other planeswalkers come to her aid?

The new Magic: The Gathering trailer was released ahead of the sale of the War of the Sparks on May 3. However, fans don’t have to wait that long in order to get their hands on new material. On April 23, the Ravnica: War of the Spark will be sold, which lays down the groundwork for this latest game.