Amazon Prime Day Is Slashing The Price On NBA 2K19; Will Only Be $17 Starting Monday

Amazon Prime Day Is Slashing The Price On NBA 2K19; Will Only Be $17 Starting Monday
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Amazon Prime Day starts this Monday. It’s the perfect time for gamers to save some money on some incredible games. On the sports side, the popular NBA 2K19 is getting a slash in price. As of Monday, it will only cost $17. That’s not a bad deal considering this game goes for $29.99 new.

The 2K basketball series has gone on for quite a while now. Yet, every year, the developers manage to up their game and give fans something great to look forward to. The latest installment is one of the better ones to date.

Per usual, the graphics are stellar. You would be hard-pressed to find better visuals in a basketball video game, truthfully. There are points when you feel like you’re watching an actual NBA game featured on ESPN.

The mechanics have changed slightly compared to last year, and that’s a good thing. Passing the ball feels just as smooth as ever, and landing a jump shot behind the 3-point line is a technique you’ll want to refine with every shot.

There are no easy buckets in this version, either. You have to work for every shot. In the past, it was quite easy to use your player’s turbo or finesse moves to get opponents off balance. Then, you could just drive to the hole.

That’s not the case in NBA 2K19. You’ll have to move the ball around and set screens to find an open man. The added difficulty just immerses you in this game, giving you an authentic basketball experience.

Like with other NBA 2K titles, there are plenty of modes to check out. These include Play Now, My Team, My GM, and MyCareer. The career portion is a fan-favorite, as you get to take your created player from rookie to an all-time great. Seeing your character progress is so rewarding.

It should be noted that it does take a while to get your created player’s stats up. Every game, you’ll have the chance to earn points. The better grade you score, the more points you’ll earn. Expect to go through several seasons before your player is ready to dominate the scored points leaderboards.

The signature playing style of every superstar is also a shining feature of this game. From Lebron James to Steph Curry, you’ll enjoy playing with them and taking them to the rim. For just $17, video game basketball doesn’t get much better than this.