Walmart Is Competing With Amazon Prime Day By Slashing Prices On Their Arcade1Up Machines

Walmart Is Competing With Amazon Prime Day By Slashing Prices On Their Arcade1Up Machines
Credit: Arcade1Up Official via YouTube

For just one more day, gamers have the chance to save big on video games thanks to Amazon Prime Day. Although Amazon has received a lot of attention regarding their deals, there have been other companies competing right alongside them. One of those companies is Walmart. In addition to slashing prices on their video game library in store and online, the company is discounting their popular Arcade1Up machines.

If you’re not familiar with Arcade1Up, they make retro arcade cabinets for budget-minded shoppers. They’re the perfect novelty item for those looking to finally purchase their own arcade system. Typically, these units sale between$199-$300 depending on cabinet type and condition. That’s still quite a steep price that not many gamer can afford.

Luckily, Walmart is lower the prices on select arcade cabinets. These include the Pac-Man and Galaga units. They’re $30 off, which isn’t a bad deal at all. Then you have some units being discounted by $100, which is the case for the Golden Tee arcade unit.

In addition to these savings, Walmart is offering free delivery on all of the cabinet units. You thus don’t have to struggle grabbing a bulky box and loading it into your car. It will ship within a couple of days, saving you the hassle of exerting any energy.

Setting these cabinets up isn’t that difficult, either. Instructions come included and there are plenty of guides online right now for those who don’t like reading step by step. Most people are able to set their units up in under an hour, which isn’t that bad. As far as the size of these cabinets, they’re pretty substantial. There is plenty of screen to enjoy some of your favorite arcade games on.

If you plan on playing these units from a standing position, then you can purchase risers for an additional cost. They’re not that expensive and help give you that authentic arcade experience you might have had growing up as a child in the 80s and early 90s.

As far as the variety of Arcade1Up units, there is something for everyone. These include beat’em ups, platformers, and classic shooters. Considering you get multiple games in one unit, these arcade systems offer a great value. Now’s the perfect time to add one to your gaming collection if you’ve held off because of price. These deals surely won’t last forever, so now is the perfect time to purchase before their prices hike right back up.