Alchemist Adventure Is An Awesome Adventure Headed To Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC Later This Year

Alchemist Adventure Is An Awesome Adventure Headed To Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC Later This Year
Credit: Alchemist Adventure via Youtube

Alchemist Adventure is an exploration adventure that will take players into the life of Mya. This young alchemist awakes in unknown wold and with only the ability to transform terrain around her to solve strange puzzles.

In this strange land, you will find tons of different puzzles, locations, and foes. The game unfolds over four acts and is now available from Steam in Early Access. This is the start of what will become a full launch later this year. Interested fans can pay a visit on Steam and purchase the unique early access experience.

Follow the story of Mya as you solve the puzzles of a forgotten land. Search for your loved ones using your powers of alchemy to overcome opposition. Solve puzzles, fight monsters, and use your powers by combining fire, water, air, earth, and many other ingredients to form solutions and magical effects.

This action-adventure game takes place in an abandoned region called Isur. This land was the home of brilliant alchemists but now it lies devasted by an opposing force. Explore the world, use your powers, and explore the regions of this strange world.

This is a mysterious world that will take players to different locations from laboratories to dungeons as you travel from place to place. Find hidden secrets, defeat different enemies, and discover all the hidden lore.

Combine different elements to make tons of different potions. Using the four basic elements you will combine them to create bombs, elixirs, oils, and more. Everything is based on real principles placed in a fantasy setting.

Using your skills you will transform the world around you. Using alchemy players can raise lakes, cross rivers, move objects, and start engines. Alchemy is the key to the world around you.

Solve puzzles and fight monsters. Using elements players will have to discover enemy’s weaknesses and use different skills and strategies to defeat them. Combine elements to solve puzzles and find hidden objects throughout the map.

This game comes with coop functionality. Players can play with friends as a flying homunculus and solve puzzles with your friend. Enter a magical journey as a true alchemist.

Alchemist Adventure comes from Bad Minions. The game is available on Steam in early access for $11.99. The game currently has a positive review status showing that fans are enjoying the unique adventure. Enter the world, find your memory, and fight through the strange world created by a fantastic development team.