A New Trailer Has Come Out For John Wick Hex, Along With An Official Release Date

A New Trailer Has Come Out For John Wick Hex, Along With An Official Release Date
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The John Wick movie franchise has been tremendously popular, smashing box-office records and giving Keanu Reeves a major resurgence in Hollywood. He’s spectacular for the role with his distinct mannerisms and causal tone of voice. It’s honestly one of Keanu Reeves’ best roles since playing Neo in The Matrix series.

The movies have been so popular that there’s now a video game appropriately titled John Wick Hex, which just received a new trailer. It’s an official release date trailer, which confirms the game’s launch for October 8, 2019. That’s just around the corner when you think about it. The trailer also shows off some of the combat firsthand.

In John Wick fashion, the game shows John taking down enemy after enemy. Of course he would make these bad buys look like amateurs. It’s John Wick we’re talking about after all. Have you seen John Wick 3? The body count is absolutely insane. We also see him use a variety of guns, including his trusty handgun, shotgun, and assault rifle.

If you don’t already know, John Wick Hex is a timeline strategy game. You get to move John Wick on a hex-based grid, where you’ll have the ability to perform a bevy of offensive and defensive maneuvers. The timeline design comes into play with you loading moves for Wick to execute, much like what you would see in editing software. If you don’t load up a move or tactic, the game will pause.

A lot of strategy is involved in this timeline design. What moves do you perform? Is it better to gain a superior position on an enemy or do you simply take cover because there isn’t enough time left before the enemy can fire back? These are the types of decisions you’ll have to make in expert fashion if you wish John Wick to stay alive and continue his noble quest for revenge.

Not only that, but John Wick will have limited resources. For example, there are only 15 bullets in his handgun cartridge. Sure, you can take bullets from enemies — but you’ll have to be careful when doing so. One false action and that will be lights out. Overall, the gameplay is very intriguing. The visuals are also amazing to look at thanks to their comic book nature.

John Wick Hex seems like the perfect entry to bring this beloved movie franchise into the video game sector. The developers at Bithell Games certainly deserve a lot of praise.