Crying Suns From Alt Shift Is Officially Out Now; Can Be Purchased Through Steam And Humble

Crying Suns From Alt Shift Is Officially Out Now; Can Be Purchased Through Steam And Humble
Credit: SplatterCatGaming via YouTube

If you enjoy the rogue-like genre of gaming, then you’re going to love Crying Suns by Alt Shift. It’s a game with a lot of interesting visuals and themes. Even better news is it’s officially out now through the Steam and Humble store. It definitely is one of the more unique games  of the year, that’s for sure.

You’re put in the role of a space fleet commander, who’s tasked with exploring a fallen empire. You’ll have the chance to explore a procedurally generated universe full of secrets and a dark past. As you progress through this game, you’ll discover more about yourself. It’s a really emotional tale that will have you hooked from the very first space mission.

The crazy thing about Crying Suns is there are over 300 possible story events. That’s a lot of content you have to look forward to and all sorts of possible endings. The deep story is structured into six chapters. They’ll take you along the space travels of the aforementioned space commander. He’s trying to figure out what happened to this mystical empire that’s now completely forgotten. What events transpired to bring them to this fate? That’s what you’ll have the chance to discover.

The graphics are a true delight to look at as well. There are 2D pixels mixed in with 3D models. They’re very atmospheric and will draw you into this futuristic space exploration game.

Considering this is a rogue-like game that involves a lot of strategy, you should prepare to experience defeat. It will happen a lot of times, especially at first. You see, you have to master the battlefield tactics and learn from enemy behavior. After a while — though — you’ll begin to get your space legs so to speak.

A lot of your time will be building up resources. They’re pretty tight so you need to be judicious as far as how you use everything. The combat stays pretty fresh throughout the game, so you don’t have to worry about running into the same scenarios over and over.

If you’re up for a pretty difficult challenge and want to be carried away in a surprisingly gripping story, Crying Suns is certainly worth checking out. It will take you on an epic journey that will have you asking questions of your own. The demo is also available now if you would like to get a little taste of what this game has to offer before purchasing.