Elite Dangerous’s September Update Has Made The Game More Accessible And Introduced A Whole New Currency To The Game

Elite Dangerous’s September Update Has Made The Game More Accessible And Introduced A Whole New Currency To The Game
Credit: Frontier Developments

Elite Dangerous is known for its complicated ship controls and realistic space experience. To many in the gaming community, the game has been considered unapproachable due to the learning curve required to play. This was taken as a challenge by some and to others a wall to overcome for a more authentic experience.

In an effort to increase the population of the game the developers have simplified to starting the experience with clearer controls and instructions. Rather than feeling like your simply drifting in deep space the September Update was built to help you feel in control and at home in this fictional universe.

At the start of the game, players will now be guided through essential pilot training by a flight instructor from the Pilot’s Federation. During this time the instructor will run you through a number of lessons that need to be taught and understood so you can succeed in space flight and combat.

Basic flight controls and scanning will help you control your vessel and gain information about the unknown galaxy. After you master that your instructor will teach you how to read the navigation charts and supercruise to your destination.

After the basic navigational controls are understood the instructor takes you into a series of combat exercises facing you against a mega-ship. You will learn how to fly and fire at the same time not to mention the tactical importance of aiming at certain parts of a ship.

All of the training includes a Voice Over that is supported across languages. Veteran Commanders who want to experience the training session will also be able to access it in the “training section” via the right-hand panel of their cockpit. This pause in development to help players understand their game will bring back some life into this world. Many games pride themselves on being in-depth and complicated, it takes a truly wise devlopment team to take a moment and teach fans how to play.

On a minor note, a new virtual currency has been worked into the game. Players on the console are already familiar with the concept of Frontier Points but they have been reworked and renamed to Arx across all platforms including PC. This new currency can be purchased as well as earned in the game. You can spend it on items such as Paint Jobs, Ship Kits, Bobbleheads, and much more.

Elite Dangerous is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This game was originally released in 2014 and only costs $8.99 to purchase. It is an open-world adventure into a connecting galaxy and as with every event, the galaxy changes and evolves with the player.